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On the first death anniversary of Late Shri Tirathdas ji Hasreja, the founding member of Shri Ram Seva Samiti, a tribute meeting was organized at Hasreja Gali in Sant Kanwar Ram Ward, his residence. 

The tribute meeting was addressed by senior socialist thinker Shri Raghu Thakur ji. Corona Warriors who performed human service were honoured. In this series, teacher Chandrahas Srivastava was honoured. In the Corona era, the respected teacher started a mobile library of children from rural areas and went to the village to give children an opportunity to read informative books. 

Distinguished citizens of Sindhi society were present in the tribute meeting.

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The news of the administration's campaign against sand traffickers, adulterants, handing over important roles to women in rural development, and the call for farmers' Bharat bandh against the new agricultural laws remain the major news headlines of today's newspapers.

In connection with the nationwide campaign of Bharat Bandh by farmers in protest against the new agricultural laws, Dainik Bhaskar, while linking the bandh of Sagar city with the Congress party, came up with an interesting headline "Congress bandaasan".

It was told in the news that the call for the bandh was originally from the farmers, but the farmers neither took to the streets nor reached the mandi with food grains. Only the Congress party was outspoken in the bandh. But the impact of the bandh was more in Makaronia suburb and less in the city. All other newspapers have also featured this news prominently. Navdunia also printed the news of the bandh with the title "Dinbhar Khulin Rahin Dunkane, Beasar Raha Band, ineffective  ". At the same time, in Sagar Dinkar, this news was seen by the Aam Aadmi Party under the title of Bharat Bandh Support.

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The Dainik aacharan has made the first headlines of the action plan of the District Panchayat Department to revitalize the economy by pivoting women in the development of rural areas under the title "Prayas". In the news quoting the District Panchayat Chief Executive Officer, it has been written that for the purpose of promoting water conservation works, half of the amount received from the 15 Finance Commission will be levied on these works. Navbharat has featured this news prominently titled Women will become the axis of rural economy.

Navbharat, making the first headlines for the administration's crackdown on the mineral mafia against illegal traffickers of sand, has written that the mineral department has formed separate parties to crack down on illegal mining and sand traders. However, the news of the action of the Department of Minerals on vehicles transporting sand without royalty has been prominently published by all newspapers.

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Dainik Jagran has made the news of bad arrangements of agricultural produce market its first headline. It has been reported in the news that the incidents of theft of food grains in Mandi are not stopping. It is written in the news that security arrangements here have been demolished due to the plight of the Mandi administration.

Evening Mirror has highlighted the news of the administration's callousness in taking strict action against traders selling adulterated foods openly in the market. The newspaper says that the administration's action against adulterants ends after one or two actions.

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Dainik Bhaskar has written in the third episode of the earlier news on the hunting of herons in the Lakha Banjara lake of the city. The Forest Department's investigative team has seen hunters, not herons. The newspaper has also written on the campaign against adulteration that the administration team reached three more places of adulteration under investigation.

Dainik Bhaskar and Dainik aacharan have prominently highlighted the news of action taken by the Electricity Department in Chakraghat and bheetar Baazaar in a series of news of the campaign against electricity thieves. It has been reported in the news that the department has recovered about Rs 5 lakh from these cases of power theft.

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Dainik aacharan  and Navbharata has featured prominently on the news, based on the statement that Yogacharya Vishnu Arya, the founder of the Yoga Niketan Yoga Training Institute, described regular yoga practice as effective in preventing corona.

Sagar Dinkar has told in his news that the exams of the tenth and twelfth under the state open are starting from 14 December. The daily Atulya Bhaskar has written that the National Lok Adalat of the MP Real Estate Regulatory Commission (RERA) is being held on 12 December. Evening Mirror has written that a phase of National Pulse Polio will be run in all districts of the state from 17 to 19 January 2021.

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Dainik Jagran has written that the sleep of the traffic police is now starting to break down with the loud sound of firecrackers blasting motorcycles running on the main roads of the city. The newspaper has cautioned the motorbike rider of the sound of cracker style. The traffic police, apart from accepting this voice as an uproar, is considered harmful to health. Police nabbing such Bikers.

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Worldwide, 1 December is celebrated as AIDS Day. In the newspapers of the city, only one newspaper published a special report on this day. Other newspapers have prominently featured news related to Karthik Purnima, Covid-19 and Guru Nanak Jayanti. Some newspapers made news in the area of crime and politics.

In his special news focused on World AIDS Day, Dainik Bhaskar has told that in the four districts of the division - Sagar, Panna, Damoh, Tikamgarh, Lalitpur, Vidisha and Raisen districts, nearly two thousand patients infected with AIDS have been exposed in the last three years.

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The news quoted the Anti Retroviral Therapy Center of Bundelkhand Medical College as saying that 67 pregnant women were among the patients found to be infected, out of which infants of 64 women were protected from AIDS infection by ATR therapy.

Sagar Watch (Off the News) - What is anti retroviral therapy?

Antiretroviral Therapy

It is a combination of daily medications that prevent the spread of the virus. This therapy helps protect CD-4 cells, which strengthens the immune system to fight disease.

Navdunia has reported on Monday on the occasion of Kartik Purnima with a big picture of the religious people who took a bath on the banks of the Narmada River in Narsinghpur. It has been reported in the news that due to fear of corona epidemic and less available means of transportation, this time the number of devotees who gathered on the banks of Narmada was less than in previous years.

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Dainik aacharan and Sagar Dinkar have prominently featured the news focused on the events organized in the city on the occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti with similar title.

Sagar Dinkar has printed a BJP training program and Atulya Bhaskar making the news of the theft incident as his first headline.

Two newspapers have made special news on the Covid-19 epidemic, one of which seems to be an increasing concern due to the increasing infection of Corona and administrative negligence in dealing with it, while the other news is referring to the decrease in the infection of Corona. is.

In the news of Dainik Bhaskar, after the Chief Minister expressed concern over the high mortality rate of corona patients in the Bundelkhand Medical College, the report was submitted by the Medical Commissioner to the Chief Minister on the deficiencies of the BMC.

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In the Dainik Bhaskar news, there is a discussion of a report submitted by the Health Commissioner to the Chief Minister on the deficiencies of the BMC after the Chief Minister expressed concern over the high mortality rate of corona patients in the Bundelkhand Medical College.

According to the report, it has been told in the report that death rate of carona patients in BMC is the biggest reason for the doctors' doom. The resources available for treatment in BMC to the patients, ventilators and oxygen support mechanism were not given by the doctors simply because they had to constantly monitor the patient.

It has also been revealed in the news that while the District Collector does not know anything about this report, the Health Education Minister has said to be vigilant about BMC and to monitor it daily with seriousness.

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While Dainik Aacharan has reported in its news related to Covid-19 that the number of Covid-19 infected reported in the last three months is decreasing. According to the news, where the number of corona infected patients was around one and a half thousand in the month of September, for the last two months this number has been around a thousand.

While Dainik Aacharan has reported in its news related to Covid-19 that the number of Covid-19 infected reported in the last three months is decreasing. According to the news, where the number of corona infected patients was around one and a half thousand in the month of September, for the last two months this number has been around thousand.

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Navdunia has published a report on the Senior Inter-District Cricket Competition being organized by the Sagar Division Cricket Association, that the final match of the competition will be played between December 2 to 4 at the MP Cricket Association ground between the teams of Sagar and Damoh.


Navdunia has made two news reports today in the series of agricultural-related news, one of which is the fact that soil testing laboratories at the block headquarters are closed due to lack of necessary staff and resources. Due to this, farmers are facing difficulty in conducting soil testing.

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The other news focuses on the Jal Jeevan Mission. The headline "Water will reach every household in 150 villages in two years" reports that the Public Health and Engineering Department has approved about 150 schemes to provide water to every household in more than a thousand villages of the district. . According to the table given in the news, the lowest number of schemes has been approved in Sagar development block at just 4 and the maximum, 56 in Rahli, the minister's area.



Merriam-Webster on Monday 29,2020 announced “pandemic” as its 2020 word of the year. 

According to USA TODAY, The word started to trend up on as early as January and again in February when the first U.S. deaths and outbreaks on cruise ships occurred. However, it took on urgent specificity in March, when the coronavirus outbreak was designated a pandemic.

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Searches for "pandemic" on March 11 were 115,806% higher than look-ups experienced on the same date last year, Sokolowski said.

"Pandemic," with roots in Latin and Greek, is a combination of “pan,” for all, and “demos,” for people or population. The latter is the same root of “democracy. The word "pandemic" dates to the mid-1600s, used broadly for “universal” and more specifically to disease in a medical text in the 1660s.

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In the newspapers, the news of Kovid-19 infection remains dominated, although the news of farming is also continuously coming out. 

Health workers were recruited in hospitals and health departments of the district for a part-time job to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic. According to the latest order issued by the state government, 50 per cent of these employees are being removed. Part-time employees sat on a dharna in front of the CMHO office to protest against the government's order.

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These employees are also demanding a merger as a contracts-Worker with the government. This news has been reported by almost all newspapers prominently but with a similar title. Navbharata and Dainik Aacharan have made this news its first headline. At the same time, Navdunia and Dainik Bhaskar have also featured this news prominently on the inside pages.

The news of All India Digambar Jain Golapoorva Mahasabha's online youth-introduction conference got a place in almost all newspapers. Navbharata and Dainik Aacharan took this news under the title "Young men and women introduced online". At the same time, Dainik Bhaskar raised this news under the title "Youth has laid the talk on the digital platform for life partner selection".

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Navdunia has made news highlighting the poor management of a good scheme of governments. In the news titled "How will the water system be in schools in 40 days", the newspaper has expressed concern that Jal Jeevan Mission is an important plan of the government. 60 days have passed since the scheme started on Gandhi Jayanti with a resolve to provide drinking water within 100 days in waterless schools and Anganwadi centres. In the remaining days, how will the drinking water sources in 302 identified schools and Anganwadi centres be operationalized in the district?

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Dainik Aacharan has reported on the fish market in Tili. Dainik Bhaskar also reported on this subject on October 19 with a similar title and perspective. In the news from the Dainik  Aacharan titled "Fish market could not be built due to wrong planning, now it will be built", the Municipal Corporation also maintains its earlier statement that Tili's building was for fish market and they are building meat market. . If the fishery department wants, the corporations will vacate the building of the fish market.

Navdunia is keeping an edge over other newspapers by constantly putting news on agriculture and farming. Today the newspaper has made two inspiring news on this subject. In one news, farmers have been taught to protect the crop of tur from frost, while the other news is about the business of farming.

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In the news related to the cultivation of pigeon pea, it has been told how Dhaniram Gupta, a farmer of Kewalari Kalan, sowed turf on the advice of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, two months before July. Due to which, his crop was ready to be ripened before the onset of cold and frost. In the news, scientist of Krishi Vigyan Kendra has described Dhaniram Gupta as the first farmer who took the help of the science centre before sowing and saved his crop from the risk of frost.

It is told in the news that the farming-profit business is profitable, the farmers of 'Kanera Gound' village are growing chilli. Hybrid seeded chilli crop ripens in 60 days. Whom is sent to the market after every second and third day. There is also a lot of demand for this chilli in the market. In the news, the village farmer Pritam has been quoted as saying that due to the cash crop, farmers are giving good profits.

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With Prime Minister Narendra Modi holding a review meeting with the Chief Ministers regarding the corona, once again there has been a flood of news related to the corona.

The city editions of newspapers were also ablaze with news related to corona infections as well as advertisements due to the Devuthani Gyaras festival. Many newspapers have published very few reports due to full-page advertisements. However, every newspaper about Corona has published its own way to make citizens aware of the prevention from Corona and the flaws in treatment.

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Dainik Bhaskar and Navdunia newspaper have published on its first page the news of the release of assistance from the state government for the treatment of Shubham Ojha, a doctor, who is suffering from Corona, of Sagar's Bundelkhand Medical College.

According to Navdunia, the amount for the treatment of a doctor suffering from corona by the state government is Rs 80 lakh, while Dainik Bhaskar has given this amount to one crore. It has been reported in the news that with this amount, the lungs of the doctor are to be changed, which have worsened by 90 percent due to corona merge.

Another news related to Covid-19 is on the first page of Dainik Bhaskar in which the Chief Minister expressed concern over the death rate of 7 per cent in the review meeting of treatment cases of corona patients at Bundelkhand Medical College.

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On the city page, the news of Covid-19 infection made the first headline, it has been told in the news that with the introduction of hundred new corona infected patients every day, Sagar has become the sixth most infected district of the state. According to the news, the number of corona patients in the district has crossed four thousand, while the death toll from corona has also reached near one hundred and fifty.

Dainik Aacharan has moved from Corona to the first place on its city page on politics related news. In the news titled "Glow comes in qualification from training-Keshav", it has been reported that Mandal level training camp started in Bharatiya Janata Party Are going to be In this connection, a divisional meeting was organized in the presence of the divisional organization minister of the party. However, this news Navduniya has also published with the title of the Organization Minister's statement.

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Evening Mirror newspaper made the news of the breaking of road dividers to benefit a private hospital in the city's suburbs. However, the name of that private hospital has not been revealed in the news. According to the news, the officer of the municipality has said to send a notice to the operators of the private hospital that damaged the divide.


Navdunia has printed the news related to road safety in a big way. In the news paper titled "There are accidents due to not having indicators and direction indicators", many places on Sagar-Jhansi Fourlane National Road have been identified as sensitive to accidents, but there are no indicators and direction indicators installed there. Road breaks have been made at many places by breaking the dividing wall. But the National Highways Authority of India has not yet done any work in this direction.

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The effect of corona infection is now increasing in the headlines of newspapers too. Most newspaper headlines were coloured not by the Covid-19 virus, but by news related to it. Instructions issued after the District Disaster Management Group meeting on Monday regarding the growing spread of Corona, have been published by many newspapers making their first headlines in different style.

Referring to the famous song from the Hindi film, Dainik aacharan said in the title of its news that due to the ban on taking out the procession because of Corona ... Today is my friend's wedding like songs, neither will the echo be heard nor his People will be seen swaying to the tune.

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Dainik Bhaskar also described disaster management as heavy on marriage management. The main theme of the news has been the "public outcry" of the activities affected by the decision of the Disaster Management Group, as well as the changes in the organizing of wedding ceremonies.

Navdunia and Sagar Dinkar also used this news  from the flat headings "More than 200 people will not be able to attend wedding ceremonies".

But where Sagar Dinkar has published the news of the Bhoomipujan program of road and bridges organized in Shamshabad area, the local MP has made the first headlines by making a statement describing the smooth roads to be the blood vessel of development.

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At the same time, Navdunia has made headlines on the news published on the subject of pensioner's ignorance of life proof online facility.It has been reported in the news that due to being unaware of the facility to authenticate their survivability online, the elderly people from far-flung rural areas run to the falling, gasping provident fund offices.

Navbharat also made the first headline news related to the corona, but this news was not based on the instructions of the Disaster Management Group, but on the district administration's failure to implement the protective measures adopted earlier to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection. is. In the news, the district administration's negligence has been termed as dangerous as the restrictions on the movement of those found to be infected are not being carried out as before and the samples of those in contact are not tested.

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Dainik Aacharan published the news of the electricity department exposing a case of electricity theft in a house of a renowned restaurant and teacher of a central university in the city in the cantonment area, with the title "Amul restaurant was being operated with stolen electricity, electricity theft found at home of university teacher".

Navdunia has published news about the Sagar-Damoh road filled with pits. It has been told in the news that even on this bad road of MP Road Development Corporation, passengers are being charged toll. However, in the news, the Assistant zonal Manager of the corporation has admitted that the 50 km long stretch of road is in a bad state.

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In the second episode of the earlier news about the commencement of normal functioning in the district courts from November 23, Dainik Aacharan said today that as soon as the work started in the courts, there was a rush of parties but the attendance of lawyers was less. Those who arrived at the court were given entry only after scrutiny from a thermal screener due to the threat of infection of Covid-19.

Today, two news stories appeared in the link of continuous news in Dainik Bhaskar about the effect of corona infection on the life of the people. In the news related to  "Aanwla Navami" festival, only 30 percent of the Devotees came out of the houses, while in the other news only 30 percent of the passenger buses were running on the roads, which raised the issue of charging arbitrary fare from the passengers.

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Nowadays, the trend of making headlines only in the press releases and small incidents or incidents of crime is also increasing. There are very few newspapers who, considering the importance of their first headlines, are seen every day trying to get out of the box on topics or investigative news.

Today's first headlines of Dainik aacharan were devoted to crime. The news was made big by adding more than one incident of theft, assault, suicide, accident.

Navdunia has also published the news of computer theft from the government office as its first headline with two photographs.

Sagar Dinkar made his first headlines for the Diwali meeting ceremony of the workers of Banda, Rahli and Deori in the presence of Damoh MP at the religious site Ranagir.

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But Dainik Bhaskar has made the news of public health and administrative negligence highlighting the city's first headline. The news published with the title "Kagazi Covid Hospital ..." states that nine months ago the district hospital was declared as Covid Hospital but not a single patient has been admitted for treatment there yet. While the "intensive medical care unit" of the hospital has been prepared 5 months in advance. It has been told in the news that the treatment of patients has started or is going to be done in similar Covid hospitals prepared in other districts of the division, but there is no possibility of this in Sagar hospital.

According to the news, when the reporters tried to ask the concerned officials and public representatives to know their side in the case of delay in Covid Hospital, while the officers played a game of responsibility on each other, the minister  seen demonstrating their sensitivity by saying that "...will see to it".

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The Dainik aacharan has brought news highlighting the discrepancy associated with "cows care" by referring to the Gopashtami festival on its  page. According to the news, on one side in the city where cow-worship is being done for cow-promotion on the day of Gopashtami, the incidents of cow slaughter are increasing in some parts of the city.

In the news, citing the names of areas notorious for cow slaughter in the city, it is feared that if the administration does not stop the incidents of cow slaughter in time, then it can also become a cause of conflict between the conflicting parties.

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Dainik Bhaskar has reported in the series of news related to the counselling for admission to various courses at Dr. Harisingh Gaur Central University that the first round of counseling has started.

According to the news, counseling is being conducted in three phases based on the results of the entrance examination conducted for 50 courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The first two phases will be online and the third phase will be conducted offline.

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The Dainik aacharan has published a sequel to the previously published news about the slow construction work of the city's ITI institute. It has been reported in the news that the construction work for the main building of the mega ITI with the loan from the Asian Development Bank, started in September 2018, has not been completed even after the September 2020 deadline has passed.

Navduniya has published a full page of news highlighting the importance of masks and people's negligence to wear them in case of protection from Covid. It has been reported in the news that up to 80 percent of the passengers traveling in buses are not seen wearing masks. In the news, traders and shopkeepers of the city have also been warned of action if they do not apply masks. Also, to show the importance of wearing masks and maintaining a distance of two yards, the writings of city dwellers have also been printed.

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