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 The proposed one-day strike of February 26 in the state has been withdrawn after discussion with the Madhya Pradesh government's Transport Minister Govind Singh Rajput. In the discussion between the transport minister and bus operators, an agreement has been agreed to increase the fare from March 1.

 " there has been a discussion between Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chohan and Transport Minister Govind Singh Rajput regarding fare hike. Therefore, the proposed strike on 26/02/2021 is being withdrawn. said, Santosh Pandey, State acting president of MP'S Bus Honors Association. 

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He has appealed to the bus operators to withdraw the proposed one-day strike on 26/2/21. He said that the increase in prices of diesel petrol was causing problems in the operation of buses.

For this reason, bus owners requested to increase the price. He said that bus drivers, etc., are not usually at fault in bus accidents. Many times the Transport Department does challan etc. after the incident on the buses. It should be noted.

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Madhya Pradesh Bus Owner Association State Acting President Santosh Pandey, District Officer Atul Dubey, Jai Kumar Jain, Rajendra Singh Barkoti, Indrapal Singh, Arvind Srivastava, Vimal Thakur, Sunil Pandey, Sakshi Gopal Pandey, Rohit Pandey, Ashutosh Pandey. All bus operators including Rahul Vaidya, Prashant Pandey, Anuraj Jain Chaitanya Krishna Pandey have expressed their gratitude.


CAT and the entire traders association have called for the closure of India on 26 February due to GST anomalies, complicated provisions and e-commerce. Today in the ocean, Kate and representatives of business organizations discussed the media.

Told the media that GST law has become a very big problem for businessmen. The trader is entangled in the GST law and return process rather than a business. So far, 986 amendments have been made in the GST law, while the traders could not have a single opportunity to revise their returns.

It is wrong to grant the right of audit and survey to a GST officer at the discretion of any firm. Why is our input tax credit withheld if the seller does not file his return? E-commerce and other problems. Due to the decrease in trade, the traders are excited about the spirit of cooperation on the 26th day of Bharat Bandh.

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The government urges that GST should be simplified and suggestions should be taken from traders while making laws. Instructions are also coming at the district level of CAT National President VC Bharatiya, National General Secretary Praveen Khandelwal, State President Bhupendra Jain, General Secretary Mukesh Aggarwal, Organization Ministers Govind Asati and Manoj Chaurasia etc.

The business of small and medium traders of the country has been destroyed due to e-commerce like Amazon and Flipkart, etc. Therefore, the business will be closed under CAT on 26 February due to the above difficulties, in which the Merchant Organization Grain and Tilgan Merchants Association, Association of Tobacco Dealers, Grocery Dealers Association, Wholesale and Retail Traders Association, Automobile Association, Makronia Merchants Association, Dawa Vendor Association, Manure Seed Vendors Association, Sagar Electronics Association, Sagar Electricals Association, Iron Merchants Association, Naya Bazar Traders Association, Tex Bar Association, Cement Dolet, Tiles Sanitary Dealers Association, Transport Association, Mobile Association, Timber Association etc.

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The CAT team has written to all Mall Stores Reliance, Pantaloons, Vishal Mega Mart, Best Sites, Indian Coffee House, etc. of Sagar Makronia and requested to be closed on February 26.

During this, State Vice President Kapil Malaiya, District President Surendra Jain Malathoun District General Secretary Animesh Shah, Vice President, Sanjay Agarwal, State Executive Committee Member Suresh Holani, Saurabh Jain Pankaj Tiwari, Oilseeds Merchant Association Mahesh Sahu, Rakesh Bajaj, Anil Chanderiya, Sarafa Association President Raju Bam, Santosh Soni, Sandeep Diwakar, Mahesh Soni, Sunil Badonya, Gopal Soni, Sachin Santani, Suresh Pinjwani, Bhishma Rajput, Mohan Sadani, from Naya Bazar Traders Association Rajkumar Laharwani, Vibhash Kesharwani and Shikhar Kothia, Santosh Steel, Sukmal Jain, Rishabh, Rohit Gupta, Bunty Sundar Hardware, Akash Hardware etc. were present.

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SAGARWATCH@ Special efforts are being made with the help of people in the direction of adopting innovation in Panchayats of Sagar district in Bundelkhand. In this direction, the Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat has started work on the innovative project to irrigate a total of 36 thousand acres of agricultural land under all panchayats in the next three months.

 Ikshit Gadhpale, CEO District Panchayat, on Tuesday, Said that  In 734 village panchayats of Sagar district, 7340 farm ponds will be built in the next three months. These ponds will irrigate 36 thousand acres of agricultural land in rural areas of the district. The excavation of the pond was to be started on 20 March. But due to the failure of rabi crops to be harvested during this period, pond digging work will be started after 15 days. 

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Work Will be done under MANREGA

Further, he said that 10 farm ponds will be dug in every village panchayat of the district under the MGNREGA scheme. For the purpose of water conservation, this work will be done in mission mode. For this, responsibilities have been assigned at different levels from employment assistant of Village Panchayat to Secretary, Deputy Engineer, Assistant Engineer and District CEO.

Task Will be completed by 20 May 2021

A target has been set to complete this work by 20 May 2021. The selection of the beneficiaries and sites, from the issuance of geo-tag, TS and AS, detailed information of evaluation and verification of construction works will have to be sent to the APO of Zilla Panchayat Sagar. Different time limits have been set to complete 25 to 100 per cent of the construction of farm ponds.

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CEO Panchayat will keep a vigilant eye on the work

The District Panchayat CEO will review work. The CEO has clearly directed the subordinate staff that the construction work of farm ponds will not be tolerated lately. Action will be taken against the concerned people when complaints come to light.

In the month of February, the secretaries who do not decide the names of 10-10 beneficiaries in each panchayat will not get the salary for the month of February. On the other hand, if the target is not met by May 20, the salary of the officers and employees will not be given for the month of April-May.

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Each Panchayat's Water Storage Capacity Will Go Up to 3600 Cubic Meter

Each panchayat will have 3600 cubic meter water storage capacity from 7340 ponds at the value of 10 to 10 farm ponds. This will lead to the accumulation of about 7.92 crore cubic meters of rainwater. Due to which groundwater level will improve in rural areas of the district. Apart from this, one community pond will also be constructed in each panchayat.


The Seva Dal is the backbone of the Congress party, if the Seva Dal is strong, then the Congress will also emerge strongly. This was stated by Dr Dilip Shukla, supervisor of the Seva Dal of the Congress during the address to the workers at the joint meeting of the Seva Dal organized City Congress Office at Teenbatti.

After the joint Meeting, City Congress Sevadal President Sintu Katare said that Seva Dal is likely to get 12 to 15 tickets to the civic body elections.

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Emphasising this, Rural president Suhane said that this time in the civic body elections, each front president has been placed in the ticket selection committee, as a result of which the Seva Dal will also get a chance to represent.

The program was chaired by City Congress Seva Dal President Sintu Katare as the special guest, District President Rural Surendra Suhane, State Convenor Vijay Sahu, Rajaram Sarawaiya. Dr. Shukla was very appreciative of the working of City Seva Dal President Sintu Katare along with.

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The program was conducted by Vijay Sahu and gratitude was given by Anand Hala.

The program was attended by Liladhar Suryavanshi, Harishchand Sonwar, Nitin Pachauri, Deendayal Tiwari, Arvind Machinder, Gabbar Pathan, Wasim Khan, Ramgopal Yadav, (Lalla) Mithun Gharu Shriram Karosia, Manoj Sonwar, Sanjay Sonwar, Mazhar Khan, Mukesh Khataura, Prinnyaka Athya Nidhi Jain, Amol Singh Rajput, Omkar Dubey, Ramakrishna Vansal, Sajay Saraf Vishal Babu Rohit Farooq Sakina Begum, Hasina Begum, Afsari Begum, Afsari Begum etc. were present.


The 41st annual general meeting of Chambers of Commerce and Industry took place through Google Meet recently in which members of various industry and trade institutes and associations of Madhya Pradesh participated.

Federation President Dr R. s. Goswami welcomed all the members present. After this, the agenda of the annual general assembly of the Federation was discussed and passed unanimously.

Election Officer Shri Rajesh Khare presented the election report and informed the members present about the election process.

Elections were held for 10 seats of the managing committee members. In which category of SSI, Corporate, Trade Association and SSI Association Voting took place. Election officer Rajesh Khare announced the election results.

Shreya Offset in Firm category, Shri Surendra Vishwakarma from Bhopal, Association of All Industries from Corporate Association category, Rajeev Agarwal from Mandideep and Chambers of Commerce and

Kailash Aggarwal was elected as opposition from Industries, Khargone. A total of 188 postal ballots were issued by the Federation in four categories, out of which 172 members exercised their franchise by members of SSI, Corporate, Trade Association and SSI Association category.

The following members won in these categories -
In the SSI category - 1. Shri C.B. Malpani emerged victorious from Paragopolyplast, Mandideep, who received a total of 85 votes.
2.Vijay Gaur, trans tech and fab, won from Govindpura, who received a total of 73 votes.

In the Corporate category - 1. Shri C.P. Sharma ji won from Daulatram Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd., Mandideep, who received 24 votes.
2. Shri Vinod Kumar Gupta, victorious from Parental Drug (India) Limited, Indore, received 22 votes.

In the Trade Association category - 1. Who won 14 votes from Shri Vasudev Wadhwani from Wholesale Clothing Business Association, Bhopal.

In SSI Association category 1- 1. M.P. Devender Pal Singh Chawla emerged victorious from Stone Keshar Industries Association, Sagar 11 votes were received.
2. Shri Himanshu Shah emerged victorious from M.P.Mall Scale Drug Manufacturers Association, Indore, who received 10 votes.

Election officer Rajesh Khare congratulated all the winning managing committee members along with declaring the election results. Federation President Dr R.S. Goswami congratulated all the newly elected managing committee members and thanked all the members present at the conclusion. This information was given by Dr Surendra Singh, assistant secretary of the association.

Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh launched E-Chhawani portal and mobile app in New Delhi on February 16, 2021. The portal ( has been created to provide online civic services to over 20 lakh residents of 62 Cantonment Boards across the country.

Through the portal, the residents of cantonment areas will be able to avail basic services like a renewal of leases, application for birth & death certificates, water & sewerage connections, trade licences, mobile toilet locators and payment of different types of taxes and fees, with just a click of a button. The portal, jointly developed by eGov Foundation, Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), Directorate General Defence Estates (DGDE) and National Informatics Centre (NIC), provides a platform to the residents to avail these services from the comfort of their home.

Speaking on the occasion, Raksha Mantri reiterated the Government’s commitment to the socio-economic development of the country by providing maximum facilities to the people and making the administration efficient & transparent. He said the government is striving to make the system citizen-friendly and provide services that facilitate ‘ease of living’ and ‘ease of doing’ for the people.

 Initiatives like ‘Minimum Government - Maximum Governance’, Digital India and E-Governance were launched by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to promote good governance and ease of living for the people, Raksha Mantri said, adding that the launch of the E-Chhawani portal is a big step in that direction.

Shri Rajnath Singh described the E-Chhawani portal as an innovative effort to transform the functioning of Cantonment Boards, in line with the vision of ‘New India’. He expressed confidence that the portal will ensure the effectiveness and transparency of the services distribution system of the Cantonment Boards and provide time-bound solutions to the residents. Shri Rajnath Singh asked the concerned officers to periodically gather the feedback of beneficiaries in order to make the portal more citizen-friendly.

Shri Rajnath Singh also stated that in the last few years, India has emerged as a global powerhouse and a land of opportunities due to its strong presence in the fields of defence, economy, trade, IT, agriculture & investment.

In his address, Defence Secretary Dr Ajay Kumar said, on the portal, the process of availing the services has been simplified for the benefit of the residents of Cantonment areas. He said, more services like filing of property and building tax, collection of rent and booking of community centres will soon be added to the Aadhaar-enabled portal. Dr Ajay Kumar congratulated eGov Foundation, BEL, DGDE and NIC for completing the E-Chhawani project that encompassed 62 independent portals in a short time.

Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat, Director General Defence Estates (DGDE) Smt Deepa Bajwa and other senior civil and military officials of Ministry of Defence were present on the occasion.

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Anveshan Theater Group will stage the drama "Tum Kitni khoobsoorat ho" based on the story of the narrator Yashpal on Sunday, 21 February.

' Two shows will be held in the local Ravindra Bhavan from 3 pm and 7 pm. The main story of this play is around the lines of the human subconscious mind' Said Atul Srivastava Secretary to Anveshan.

Theatrical adaptation done by Akhtar Ali and the play is directed by Jagdish Sharma, All the artists are continuously engaged in rehearsal, as well as in preparations for stage related activities, are also in full swing.

The play will feature Kapil Nahar, Karishma Gupta, Ravindra Dubey, Praveen Kaamya, Samar Pandey, Uday, Ayushi Chaurasia, Chanchal Athaya, Deepak Rai, and Rishabh Saini, Nitin Dubey, Rajeev Jat, Santosh Dangi in stage playback arrangements. Artists like Satish Sahu, Manoj Soni, Deepganga, Ashwini Sahu, Asrar Pinky, Samta Jhudele, etc.

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 Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy Campaign were organized by Punjab National Bank Board Office, Sagar on Thursday.

On this occasion, information was given about various insurance schemes operated by the Government of India along with loan verification and loans from formal institutions. QR codes were distributed to the beneficiaries under the PM Swanidhi scheme.

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 Collector Shri Deepak Singh, Head of Punjab National Bank Bhopal Zone, Mr Praveen Kumar Jain, Divisional Head of Divisional Office Sagar, Mr Naveen Bundela, all Branch Managers and Bank customers of Sagar District were present on the occasion. Divisional Head Shri Naveen Bundela thanked everyone.

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