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Members of the City Congress Seva Dal show their participation during the tricolour march from the All India National Congress office to the Veerbhoomi, the memorial of Rajiv Gandhi, in Delhi on the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister and Bharat Ratna Rajiv Gandhi.

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He presented National President Lalji Desai, City President Sintu Katare, a photo collection of the work done by the City Seva Dal during the Corona period and the Kisan Sangharsh Yatra taken out in Sagar. On this occasion, the National President encouraged the city Seva Dal by praising

Covid-19-Third-Wave- Africa-continent's-third-wave-gains-pace-WHO

Brazzaville, 17 June 2021 (SagarWatch)
– COVID-19 cases in Africa are surging by over 20% week-on-week as the continent's third wave gains pace and nears the first wave peak of more than 120 000 weekly cases recorded in July 2020, new data from the World Health Organization (WHO) shows. 

COVID-19 cases rose to over 116 500 in the week ending on 13 June, up from the previous week’s nearly 91 000 cases, following one month of progressively rising case numbers that pushed the continent over the 5 million case mark. In 22 African countries—nearly 40% of Africa’s 54 nations—cases rose by over 20% in the week ending on 13 June. During the same week, deaths rose by nearly 15% to over 2200 in 36 countries. 

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New cases recorded weekly in Africa have now exceeded half of the second wave peak of more than 224 000 weekly cases in early January 2021. The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Namibia and Uganda have reported their highest number of new weekly cases since the pandemic began.

“Africa is in the midst of a full-blown third wave. The sobering trajectory of surging cases should rouse everyone into urgent action. We’ve seen in India and elsewhere just how quickly COVID-19 can rebound and overwhelm health systems.

 So public health measures must be scaled up fast to find, test, isolate and care for patients and to quickly trace their contacts,” said Dr Matshidiso Moeti, WHO Regional Director for Africa.

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Along with other factors, a lack of adherence to transmission prevention measures has fuelled the new surge that coincides with colder seasonal weather in southern Africa and as more contagious variants spread. The Delta variant has been reported in 14 African countries and the Alpha and Beta variants have been found in over 25 African countries. 

Africa’s rollout is picking up speed with over 5 million doses administered in the past five days, compared with around 3.5 million doses per week for the past three weeks. Almost 12 million people are now fully vaccinated, but this is still less than 1% of Africa’s population.

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Twenty-three African countries have used less than half of the doses they have received so far, including four of the countries experiencing a resurgence. About 1.25 million AstraZeneca doses in 18 countries must be used by the end of August to avoid expiration. Seven African countries have already used 100% of the vaccines they received through COVAX and seven more have administered over 80%.

“The rise in cases and deaths is an urgent wake-up call for those countries lagging behind to rapidly expand vaccination sites, to reach priority groups for vaccination and to respond to community concerns. A number of African countries have shown that they can move vaccines quickly, so while we welcome the recent international vaccine pledges, if we are to curb the third wave Africa needs doses here and now,” said Dr Moeti. 

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Nearly 85% of all vaccine doses globally have been administered in high- and upper-middle-income countries – an average of 68 doses per 100 people in high-income countries compared with nearly 2 doses per 100 people in Africa. The number of doses administered globally so far would have been enough to cover all health workers and older people if they had been distributed equitably.

Sagar Watch@ 
A woman was allegedly beaten up and dragged by some police personnel on a road for not wearing a mask while going out to buy vegetables amid the COVID-19 pandemic in Madhya Pradesh's Sagar district.

After a video of the incident, which took place on Monday in Rahli town, went viral, a police official said the woman allegedly hit a female cop first.

The woman and her daughter were stopped by police around 11 am on Monday for not wearing masks.

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The police tried to take them away in a jeep to an open jail as punishment, but the duo resisted and allegedly hit a policewoman.

In the video, some police personnel, including a female cop, were seen beating up the woman, pushing her down and dragging her by her hair.

They were trying to shift her in the police jeep while she was resisting it and in the process, they thrashed her.

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However, Rahli's sub-divisional officer of police Kamal Singh said the "video showed only half of the incident".

"The woman hit a female cop first and the latter had bruises on her face of an injury caused by nails," he said.

Seeing the fact that the District Superintendent of Police has suspended the Assistant Sub-Inspector and the constable involved in the incident. It has been said in the order that due to their action, the unilateral and negative image of the entire police department has been displayed.


Prof GS Vajpayee, Registrar of National Law University, Delhi, has been appointed as the Chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi National Law University (RGNUL), Patiala. Prof. Bajpayee will take this position on Friday, 21 May. This appointment of Prof. Vajpayee has enhanced the importance of Sagar and Madhya Pradesh.

Prof. Vajpayee is originally from the Sagar. From elementary education to doctorate Degree, got from Sagar . Prof. Vajpayee is one of the highly talented student of Dr. Gour University. Prof. Vajpayee, who became a pride for the people of Sagar, studied with Dr. Harisingh Gour University. 

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He did his MA from Criminology and Sociology and received his PhD. He was also Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminology at Sagar University for some time. After this, he also worked in  Bhopal and Delhi  law university.

The well-wishers have congratulated Prof Vajpayee on his appointment as the Vice Chancellor of RGNUL, Patiala. Dr Vajpai is originally  from the village of Mahuakheda Pegawar in the Surkhi area of ​​Sagar. Resided at Bariaghat in Sagar. He is the younger brother of Mr. Durga Shankar Vajpayee, retired from MPEB and the elder brother of Dr. Rakesh Vajpayee, senior scientist at Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai.

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Finally, after a long wait, the vaccination of people over 18 years of age will be done at 13 centres in Sagar from Wednesday 12 May. Those who have been registered will be told the place in the slot booking. Collector Deepak Singh said that all the SDMs, CEO Janpad Panchayats and CMOs should get 100 per cent vaccination in their respective centres. Daily monitoring should also be done as per the goal of this task of the highest priority. Action will be taken against the concerned if they remain behind the target, he added.

Vaccination in Sagar city- Will be done at six places- Maharani Laxmibai Vidyalaya No. 1 bus stand, Police Training Ground Kachhari Road, Police Line School, New Cantt School Sadar, Hulasiram Mukheria High School Sadar and Arts and Commerce College Tilli Road Sagar.

Eleve-PSA-oxygen-Plants-Will-be-set-up-Soon-in-MP- Petroleum-Minister

SagarWatch@ Union Minister for Steel, Petroleum and Natural Gas Shri Dharmendra Pradhan has said that well-equipped Covid Care Centers will be set up in Mandla, Dindori, Balaghat, Seoni and Narsinghpur districts of Madhya Pradesh, with oxygen lines, oxygen concentrators and ventilators through MOIL Company. Also, 11 PSA oxygen plants will be set up soon in Madhya Pradesh. Additional cryogenic oxygen tankers will also be provided to the state. Shri Dharmendra Pradhan and Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan were holding talks with the concerned officials through video conferencing from Mantralaya today. Cooperatives Minister Shri Arvind Singh Bhadauria was also present.

Oxygen concentrators on every bed

CCC’s of 100 beds in Mandla district, 100-bed in Balaghat, 50-bed in Dindori, 60-bed in Seoni and 40-bed in Narsinghpur, are being set up with high capacity oxygen concentrators on every bed and oxygen facility. In addition, total 50 ventilators will also be installed.

25 MT bottling plant in Bina also

Union Minister Shri Dharmendra Pradhan said that a bottling plant will also be started in Bina, which will fill 25 MT per day in 3000 oxygen cylinders. Two oxygen plants of 91 MT each have been tested and commissioned for oxygen availability in Bina.

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All PSA plants will be installed by June

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that 11 PSA oxygen plants will get started in the state by the month of June. Union Minister Shri Pradhan said that some of these plants will be completed in May itself. These plants are being set up at Dewas, Dhar, Mandla, Hoshangabad, Panna, Damoh, Chhatarpur, Sidhi, Bhind, Rajgarh and Shajapur.

Big help to Madhya Pradesh

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that Union Minister Shri Pradhan is providing big help to Madhya Pradesh during the Covid crisis. A well-equipped Covid Care Center is coming up in Bina. Oxygen plants, bottling plants are being started and Covid Care Centers and other facilities are being provided in Madhya Pradesh through companies like MOIL and GAIL. Shri Pradhan is a member of Rajya Sabha from Madhya Pradesh

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In Madhya Pradesh, people above 18 years of age will be vaccinated with Covid-19 from Wednesday 5th May. To get vaccinated, the beneficiary must first register on Cowin's website or Arogya Setu App.

District Immunization Officer Dr RS Roshan said that to get vaccinated people above the age of 18 years, first of all, they should register themselves by going to the portal COWIN PORTAL.

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On reaching the website, first, you have to enter your mobile number and click on send OTP. As soon as the message of OTP arrives on the mobile number, immediately fill it and send it to the designated place. On sending the OTP, a new page will open, here you have to fill in your personal information, choose one option and enter the ID number, then your name, gender, date of birth will have to be filled in.

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After this, you will have the option to choose the nearest Covid Vaccination Center. After choosing the centre, you can choose the available slots at your convenience. When your number arrives, get the vaccine, along with an Aadhaar card or any government identification card as necessary documents.

Those above 18 years of age who have been registered in Sagar can get the vaccine for Covid vaccine near Sagar, Government MLB School No. 1 bus stand from 5 May 21. For the second dose, you have to go to the venue of the vaccination session after re-registering.

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Senior citizens who cannot register themselves can also register themselves by visiting the public service centre or common service centre. And can also be registered at the venue of the vaccination session.

The covid-19 vaccine is absolutely safe, get it administered yourself and motivate family members and other acquaintances to get vaccinated as well. After vaccination of Covid-19, stay at the vaccination centre for 30 minutes. Do not go on empty stomach vaccinations. All citizens are expected to follow the Covid-19 guideline.


After recovering from the infection of Covid-19, no person should do very hard exercise for at least 7 to 6 months. Light-weight exercise and yoga are enough for some time after infection. These thoughts were expressed,  by Professor Dr Sarman Singh, Director and CEO of AIIMS Bhopal, in the online discussion, on the subject 'Covid to Cowin' organized by Dr Harisingh Gour Central University at Sagar University. The discussion was organised in order to allay fears and apprehensions in the minds of the common people in the wake of the second wave of Corona infection in India.

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Professor Dr Sarman Singh, Director and CEO of AIIMS Bhopal were present as medical experts in the program. The University Registrar presented to Professor Sarman Singh the questions that arose in the general public's mind regarding Covid.

While answering the questions Dr Singh said Corona is more fatal in patients with diabetes and BP. These infections affect the heart and blood vessel capillaries. He cleared many questions and misconceptions related to the vaccination of Covid-19 as if any company vaccine is available, both the doses of that vaccine should be taken. The person infected with Covid-19 should be vaccinated after at least 3 to 4 weeks after recovering.

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On the question of why this virus is so deadly, he said that it has become very contagious due to mutations. On the question of spreading of corona using an AC cooler, he said that there is a danger of running AC where there is central AC, in the chamber with central AC, techniques should be used to kill the coronavirus.

In this program, the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Janak Dulari, in his welcome address urged everyone to follow the rules related to Covid-19. In the program, TLC Coordinator Dr Sanjay Sharma posed questions related to Corona to Dr Sarman Singh on behalf of the audience. The program was conducted by Dr Ashutosh.

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