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Sagar Watch News/ 
Due to political pressure and politicians' recommendations, the education department in the state has almost paralyzed. The education department officials seem unable to post surplus teachers on vacant posts. 

For example, there is no administrative strictness in the school education department in Sagar district. Due to this, many schools have remained without teachers for the last one and a half to two years, while there is an abundance of teachers in urban schools.

Many teachers have become accustomed to staying at the headquarters due to their role in making government programs successful. On the one hand, the government is bearing financial losses worth crores of rupees every month because these teachers stay in the cities. On the other hand, the future of children in rural areas remains bleak due to the shortage of teachers.

Last year in 2023, the state government issued a transfer policy in the School Education Department. At that time, a large number of teachers from the rural areas of the district were posted in other urban areas including Sagar city.

There were flaws in the portal as well. Schools in urban areas already had additional teachers than the sanctioned posts. Due to political pressure, a large number of teachers from rural areas were posted in urban schools at that time. Senior officials of the education department know that there are more teachers posted in urban areas than the sanctioned posts.

The condition of many schools in rural areas of Sagar district is such that there is a single-teacher system in place due to which five classes are managed by a single teacher. And when that teacher is on leave, the school remains locked.

Public representatives from rural areas also complain about this continuously. But no solution is found. The government has instructed that teachers should build their residences in the schools where they are posted in rural areas. Due to the up-down system, education is affected and teachers are unable to reach schools, but this order is also not being followed in Sagar district.

According to official sources of the education department, about 1900 teachers are posted in schools in Sagar district in surplus condition. Most of them are in Sagar city. Even after the departmental officials are aware of this, due to high-level pressure, they are not able to post these teachers on vacant posts in rural schools.

According to the information received, the government is spending about 10 crore rupees per month on the salaries of 1900 surplus teachers. This surplus system has been going on for the last one year. 

If the salaries are added to this ratio, then about one billion twenty crores are spent on surplus teachers without any work. And these teachers are not being duly asked to do any work in the schools.

To show the responsibilities of these surplus teachers in the school records, they are symbolically shown for one or two periods and no work is taken from them. Due to the connivance of the education department officials and these teachers, the government is being defrauded of Rs 10 crores per month.

Apart from this, in the name of teaching in schools with fewer teachers in rural areas, guest and contractual teachers are posted in out of which areas of the government. Lakhs of rupees are being spent by the government on their salaries too.

If we take a look at the scam related to the posting of surplus teachers in the Sagar district, the government has suffered a financial loss of billions of rupees. Despite this, neither the public representatives of the BJP nor the administrative officers are bothered.

This is the reason that due to the government system, the public is losing faith in government schools. The salary amount of these teachers should be recovered from the senior officers through whom these surplus teachers have been posted in schools.

Sagar district has the highest number of surplus teachers at block level.

  • Sagar block has 736 surplus teachers.
  • Rahli block has 140,
  • Rahatgarh block has 150,
  • Shahgarh block has 73,
  • Banda block has 87,
  • Bina block has 92,
  • Deori block has 116,
  • Jaisinghar block has 87,
  • Kesli block has 70,
  • Khurai block has 60 and
  • Malthone block has 49 surplus teachers.

Sagar watch News

Sagar Watch News/
According to Madhya Pradesh Government instructions, the district's private schools will be investigated on more than two dozen points and a report will be submitted within 15 days. According to this report, strict action will be taken against the schools involved in irregularities.

Collector Deepak Arya gave these instructions to the concerned officials in a meeting organized to ensure compliance with the Madhya Pradesh Private School Fees and Related Subjects Exchange Rules 2020.

On this occasion, Additional Collector Rupesh Upadhyay, District Education Officer Arvind Jain, District Project Officer Girish Mishra, Abhay Shrivastava, Anita Kumar, Usha Jain, all Sub-Divisional Officers, BRC, BAC and other officials were present.

Collector Deepak Arya said that fake and duplicate ISBN textbooks are being included in the syllabus by private schools.

The School Education Department will run a special campaign against private schools till June 30 to stop the inclusion of fake and duplicate ISBN textbooks in the syllabus.

Under this campaign, private schools will be inspected. If any such irregularity is found by private schools, disciplinary action will be taken against the concerned private schools. For this, a committee has been formed at the district and block level.

Collector Mr. Arya said that the Education Department has directed that if the non-governmental organizations do not upload the information regarding the fee structure on the government portal by June 8, then a penalty of five times will be imposed on the non-governmental organizations who upload the information after the stipulated time period.

Sagar Watch News

Sagar Watch News/
10 students of Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL), Sagar, which prepares students for competitive examinations across the country, have brought laurels to Sagar, Madhya Pradesh and Aakash Institute by scoring more than 600 marks in the NEET UGC exam results declared by the National Testing Agency (NTA). 
This achievement is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and the high-quality coaching AESL provides.

Many students scored 680 marks. Neeti Jain secured the 3522nd position in the country by scoring 695 marks in the examination, whereas Vidushi Tripathi, with 681 marks, secured the 8272nd position in the country. Other students who secured positions include Shweta 670, Shreyash Jain 666, Abhinendra Singh 665, Naved Alam Ansari 656, Shruti Tiwari 654, Arya Jain 631, Garima Goswami 616.

Sagar Watch NewsOn this occasion, NEET-selected student Niyati Jain said that she worked hard with the help of study material and coaching provided by Aakash Institute and passed NEET. Niyati said that initially, she was a little nervous. But as she kept working hard, her confidence increased and she kept getting success.

Vikram Saxena, Assistant Director of Aakash Educational said that Aakash students consistently perform well in NEET. Aakash students have contributed 9% to this year's results. The Sagar branch is also included in the better results.

Students in AESL's classroom program prepared for NEET, which is considered one of the toughest entrance exams in the world. They attribute their success to an easy and in-depth understanding of concepts and a disciplined study timetable.

The students said, “We are grateful that Aakash has helped us with both. Without the content and coaching from AESL, we would not have been able to grasp the concepts of so many different subjects in such a short time.

Congratulating the students on their achievement, Dr. HR Rao, Regional Director, Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL) said, “We congratulate the students on their achievement.

NEET is conducted once a year by the National Examination Agency. It is a competitive examination for students who want to pursue undergraduate medical (MBBS), dental (BDS) and Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy (BAMS, BUMS, BHMS, etc.) courses in government and private institutions in India. It is also for students wishing to obtain primary medical qualifications abroad.

Manish Vishwakarma Branch Head, Vikram Saxena Assistant Director, Sumit Kumar Academic Head Engineering Branch, Safal Joshi Academic Head Medical Branch, etc. were present at the conference.

Sagar Watch News

Sagar Watch News/
Under the Lok Sabha elections 2024, the counting of votes for Sagar parliamentary constituency number 5 will be done at the counting centers of Sagar and Vidisha. The results of which will be available to everyone by evening. For this, necessary preparations have been made by, the Sagar District Election Officer and Vidisha District Election Officer.

For Sagar Parliamentary Constituency No. 5, a counting center has been set up in the strong room of Government Engineering College in Sagar. Whereas in Vidisha, counting will be done in Government Adarsh ​​Mahavidyalaya Japarkhedi.

Vote  Counting of Bina, Khurai, Surkhi, Narayavali, and Sagar Vidhan Sabha areas of Sagar Lok Sabha constituency will be done at the counting center of Government Indira Gandhi Engineering College, Sagar. For this, 14 tables have been set up in each room where counting will be done according to different rounds.

  • In Sagar's Bina assembly constituency, counting will be done in 17 rounds on 14 tables,
  • In Khurai assembly constituency, counting will be done in 19 rounds on 14 tables,
  • In Surkhi assembly constituency, counting will be done in 20 rounds on 14 tables,
  • In the Narayavali assembly constituency, counting will be done in 20 rounds on 14 tables whereas
  • In Sagar assembly constituency, counting will be done in 18 rounds on 14 tables.

Similarly, the result will be declared by combining the results of the three assembly constituencies of Vidisha Lok Sabha constituency, namely Kurwai, Siroj and Shamshabad.

  • In Vidisha district's Kurwai assembly constituency, counting of votes will be done in 22 rounds on 14 tables,
  • In Siroj assembly constituency, the counting of votes will be done in 19 rounds on 14 tables, whereas 
  • In Shamshabad, counting of votes will be done in 18 rounds on 14 tables.

The final result will be declared after the counting of votes of all the eight assembly constituencies is done.

Similarly, the remaining three assembly constituencies of Sagar district fall in the Damoh Lok Sabha Parliamentary constituency. In them,

  • In Deori assembly constituency the counting of votes will be done in 19 rounds on 14 tables,
  • In the Rahli assembly constituency, the counting of votes will be done in 22 rounds on 14 tables, whereas
  • In Banda assembly constituency the counting of votes will be done in 21 rounds on 14 tables and the results will be sent to Damoh Election Officer.

Counting of votes of the three assembly constituencies of Sagar district, Deori, Rahli, and Banda, under Damoh Parliamentary constituency will also be done from the counting center made in the strong room of Government Indira Gandhi Engineering College, Sagar.

Sagar Watch News

Sagar Watch News/
To deal with the waterlogging situation in the city, the Municipal Corporation Commissioner has started working on a new plan. Under this, after conducting a survey, waterlogging spots will be marked in red so that in case of waterlogging, the corporation team can reach such places immediately.

To prevent waterlogging in the city, based on past experiences, places, where waterlogging is likely to occur, should be marked in red color, for the same records should be maintained so that if there is a possibility of waterlogging at these places, the flood relief team needs not to wander here and there and reach the marked spot directly and arrangements for water drainage can be started immediately.

Municipal Corporation Commissioner Rajkumar Khatri on Wednesday morning, along with the engineers of the Municipal Corporation and Smart City and the zone in charge of the cleaning department, while observing the cleaning of the big drains of the city's Dr. Harisingh Gaur Ward, Madhukar Shah Ward, Tili Ward, reviewed the work done to prevent waterlogging and gave instructions to make necessary preparations.

Sagar Watch News

Sagar Watch News /
 Based on the spiritual knowledge of the great philosopher Osho, a discourse on the topic "Happiness outside and peace inside" was organized by Sadguru Dr. Shailendra Saraswati and Mata Amrit Priya ji in Padmakar Auditorium. 

Food Civil Supplies Minister Govind Singh Rajput and special guest former MLA Sunil Jain attended the program. Anand Jain presented the outline of the program and threw light on Osho's life.

On this occasion, Minister Govind Singh said that Osho had so much knowledge that he was ready to talk to any philosopher in the world. That is why no one could muster the courage to argue with him. 

Minister Govind Singh said that Osho was an ideological revolutionary and he openly expressed his views against casteism, fanaticism, bigotry, and superstition. Due to this he also had to face opposition.

Sagar Watch News

After this, Swami Shailendra Saraswati and Maa Amrit Priya explained through their discourse on happiness and peace how we can make our lives happy by keeping some things in mind and making changes in our lives.

This was explained in detail and meditation consciousness practice was conducted in the program as well. In the end, many people influenced by Osho ideology accepted the Gurumala and became members of the Osho family.

Sagar Watch News

Sagar Watch News/
In India too, the growing Western thinking has increased stress and suicide. The atmosphere of unrest is increasing. Dr. Swami Shailendra Saraswati, younger brother of the great philosopher Sadguru Osho, who came to Sagar to attend the Osho Samaroh, expressed these views during a special discussion with the media. 

He said that the stream of East and West is flowing in the whole world. In India, the ideology has been to create an atmosphere of peace through meditation and religion. On the other hand, the progress of science in the West has increased violence and unrest. In these circumstances, happiness and peace can be found through Osho's ideology.

He said, that the power of meditation and religion at home and scientific thinking outside is the way to success. This thought has to be promoted. Only then will change come.

On this occasion, Maa Priya said that as the feeling of peace increases in the mind in life, the feeling of happiness will also increase. If the mind remains restless, then unrest will increase. And it will move in the wrong direction.

According to Sadguru Osho, the union of East and West, i.e. integration of spiritual traditions and worldly activities is necessary. Just as Gautam Buddha is a symbol of self-knowledge, peace, love, and compassion, similarly Greek-Zorba is a symbol of material wealth and luxury.

Sadguru Osho emphasizes the balance of meditation and science and wants harmony between the yoga of both the Eastern and Western cultures. He considers worldly success, comfort, health inner peace, love, and samadhi equally important. In short, he calls this synthesis 'Zorba The Buddha'.

Osho's younger brother Dr. Swami Shailendra Saraswati and mother Amrit Priya ji from Shree Rajneesh Dhyan Mandir, Sonipat, Haryana are coming to deliver a meaningful address on the topic 'Happiness outside, peace inside'. On May 23, there will be discourses and meditation exercises on Osho's teachings from 4 pm onwards. Questions of the curious will also be answered.

Osho Sanyasi Swami Anand Jain has requested on behalf of his program organizing team of Osho Fragrance Spiritual Group Sagar that all the seekers should come in maximum numbers and get the solution to the doubts of their life.

Sagar Watch News

Sagar Watch News/ The district administration seized one tractor-trolley from Kajrai and two tractor-trolleys from Mandi Bamora with sand. 35 trolleys of illegally stored sand were also seized from Kajrai village. SDM Devendra Pratap Singh said that such action will continue continuously. However,  this action seems like a token a lot has yet to be done in this field.

Admission Open

Students are to be admitted to the vacant seats in various classes of Gyanodya Residential School, division level (recognized by CBSE), run by the Scheduled Caste Development Department, in the academic session 2024-25.

For this, applications have been invited till 31 May 2024 during school hours. Interested students should have passed B grade or first division in the previous class and should be a native of Madhya Pradesh.

Application forms can be obtained from the school during office hours. Seats are vacant from class 7th to 11th. In which admission will be given only in Mathematics, Biology and Commerce Faculty in class 11th.