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To provide employment to youth, the district administration is being organized at block-level employment fairs in joint aegis of Agile Security Force Private Limited Bhopal.

  • 2 July Janpad Panchayat Bina, 
  •  3 July Janpad Panchayat Khurai, 
  •  4 July Janpad Panchayat Malthon, 
  •  5 July Janpad Panchayat Rahatgarh, 
  •  8 July Janpad Panchayat Jaisinagar, 
  •  9 July Janpad Panchayat Rahli, 
  •  10 July Janpad Panchayat Deori, 
  •  11 July Janpad Panchayat Kesli, 
  •  12 July Janpad Panchayat Banda, 
  •  15 July Ajeevika Bhawan

in front of Industries Department, Sagar, in all the development blocks. 

To provide employment opportunities to unemployed youth between 18 to 37 years, 500 youth will be selected for the posts of security guards by the said agency through employment fairs. 

District Panchayat Livelihood Mission and Agile Security Force Private Limited are organizing recruitment for the posts of security guards. They will select youths based on physical, mental, and intellectual ability. 

The youth will be appointed as security guards with an attractive salary and other facilities during the job. 

Recruitment Officer Contact- 8319507818
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