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Due to political pressure and politicians' recommendations, the education department in the state has almost paralyzed. The education department officials seem unable to post surplus teachers on vacant posts. 

For example, there is no administrative strictness in the school education department in Sagar district. Due to this, many schools have remained without teachers for the last one and a half to two years, while there is an abundance of teachers in urban schools.

Many teachers have become accustomed to staying at the headquarters due to their role in making government programs successful. On the one hand, the government is bearing financial losses worth crores of rupees every month because these teachers stay in the cities. On the other hand, the future of children in rural areas remains bleak due to the shortage of teachers.

Last year in 2023, the state government issued a transfer policy in the School Education Department. At that time, a large number of teachers from the rural areas of the district were posted in other urban areas including Sagar city.

There were flaws in the portal as well. Schools in urban areas already had additional teachers than the sanctioned posts. Due to political pressure, a large number of teachers from rural areas were posted in urban schools at that time. Senior officials of the education department know that there are more teachers posted in urban areas than the sanctioned posts.

The condition of many schools in rural areas of Sagar district is such that there is a single-teacher system in place due to which five classes are managed by a single teacher. And when that teacher is on leave, the school remains locked.

Public representatives from rural areas also complain about this continuously. But no solution is found. The government has instructed that teachers should build their residences in the schools where they are posted in rural areas. Due to the up-down system, education is affected and teachers are unable to reach schools, but this order is also not being followed in Sagar district.

According to official sources of the education department, about 1900 teachers are posted in schools in Sagar district in surplus condition. Most of them are in Sagar city. Even after the departmental officials are aware of this, due to high-level pressure, they are not able to post these teachers on vacant posts in rural schools.

According to the information received, the government is spending about 10 crore rupees per month on the salaries of 1900 surplus teachers. This surplus system has been going on for the last one year. 

If the salaries are added to this ratio, then about one billion twenty crores are spent on surplus teachers without any work. And these teachers are not being duly asked to do any work in the schools.

To show the responsibilities of these surplus teachers in the school records, they are symbolically shown for one or two periods and no work is taken from them. Due to the connivance of the education department officials and these teachers, the government is being defrauded of Rs 10 crores per month.

Apart from this, in the name of teaching in schools with fewer teachers in rural areas, guest and contractual teachers are posted in out of which areas of the government. Lakhs of rupees are being spent by the government on their salaries too.

If we take a look at the scam related to the posting of surplus teachers in the Sagar district, the government has suffered a financial loss of billions of rupees. Despite this, neither the public representatives of the BJP nor the administrative officers are bothered.

This is the reason that due to the government system, the public is losing faith in government schools. The salary amount of these teachers should be recovered from the senior officers through whom these surplus teachers have been posted in schools.

Sagar district has the highest number of surplus teachers at block level.

  • Sagar block has 736 surplus teachers.
  • Rahli block has 140,
  • Rahatgarh block has 150,
  • Shahgarh block has 73,
  • Banda block has 87,
  • Bina block has 92,
  • Deori block has 116,
  • Jaisinghar block has 87,
  • Kesli block has 70,
  • Khurai block has 60 and
  • Malthone block has 49 surplus teachers.

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