MLA Shailendra Jain believes that this time in the budget session of the Vidhan Sabha, it has been very successful in terms of raising and implementing the matters related to the development of Sagar. Many important announcements such as the decision to release Cath Lab, ROB Bridge, BLC instalments, etc. were made at BMC.

In a discussion with the media today, MLA Jain said that the positive results from the issues raised in the assembly session are found on issues related to the development and other issues. Describing the achievements, he added that the opening of the cath lab at BMC for Sagar was announced by Minister Vishwas Sarang.

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Through Call attention, the matter was raised to start super speciality services at Bundelkhand Medical College, Sagar. He informed that the Bundelkhand Medical College located at Sagar divisional headquarters attracts thousands of patients daily, but in the absence of super speciality facilities such as cardiology, cardio surgery, nephrology, neurology, neurosurgery, gastrology, gastro surgery, pediatric surgery Due to the absence of departments, the people of Bundelkhand do not get proper treatment, so they have to go out.

In the absence of super-specialist services, the above departments are getting almost first aid, so a cath lab should be started for the treatment of heart disease at the initial stage and the blood bank of the medical college should be duly commissioned which will benefit the people a lot.

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Moreover, PWD minister, Gopal Bhargava agreed to build a bypass. Approved the same two ROBs. Two important railway over bridges adjoining the CC Road construction and Sagar Assembly Constituency from Sanjay Drive to Canara Dev Masanjiri were included in the budget.

He said that there is a shortage of accommodation for officers and employees in the entire MP including the Central Jail City. The same jails have more prisoners than capacity. Work should be done in this direction. On this, Home Minister Narottam Mishra seriously talked about solving them in the coming time. 

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The same BLC instalment was also halted in the session due to the problems faced by the beneficiaries. The Chief Minister has directed to release the instalment amount. 

He said that the picture will be changed in the years to come. Constantly inspecting construction works and he is looking towards getting them in time.

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