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Halka Patwari Sharad Goswami has been suspended for not giving information to the information office regarding development of an illegal colony without land diversion and for not being present at the headquarters. 

According to the government press release, on March 19 by the firm Chalisa Buildcon in Mouza Masanjhiri Halka No. 54

The land owned by partner Naman father Govardhan alias Gabbu Ghoshi in Mauza Masanjhiri Halka No. 54 is Khasra No. 104/1 area of 1.54 hectares and Khasra No. 104/2 area is 0.07 hectares.

By firm Chalisa Buildcon, partner Pramod, father Pyarelal Chaurasia, land situated in Mauza Masanjhiri Halka No. 54, Khasra No. 105/1, area 0.82 hectares.

By Firm Chalisa Buildcon Partner Sandesh S/o Veer Singh, Rishiraj S/o Umesh Ghoshi R/o Kaneradev Sagar Land Khasra No. 105/2, Area 0.82 Hectare, Located in Mauza Masanjhiri.

Chalisa Buildcon developed the colony on Khasra No. 91/3 area 1.20 hectare land by partner Rahul Singh father Umesh Singh Goshi Kaneradev without land diversion.

In this entire matter, on the basis of the report received, Patwari Sharad Goswami, posted in Mauza Masanjhiri Halka No. 54, has been suspended with immediate effect by Sub-Divisional Officer Vijay Daheria.

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