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Now in India, instead of 'Hum Do Hamare Do', the trend of 'Hum Do Hamare Ek' is increasing. Due to this, the birth rate in India will reduce to 1.29 by 2050. According to the Lancet report published in the media, this can become an alarm bell for India. The birth rate in India was 6.18 in 1950, which declined to 1.91 by 2021.

The decline in birth rate will reduce the workforce, the elderly population will be more than the youth, and there will also be a crisis of gender inequality. According to experts, one of the reasons for this is that with the development of the country, the aspirations of the people have also increased. 

People are spending a lot on children. To avoid this, people are giving importance to fewer children. Delayed marriage is also becoming a reason for this. Rapid urbanization and people's easy access to contraception have also changed things.

Sagar Watch

👉A strange case has come to light in Bengaluru. Where a woman complained to the police that she did not like that her neighbor kept the window open while ? at night. Police registered the case. However, according to media reports, in response to the woman's Open Sex complaint, her neighbor's landlord has also filed a case alleging that the woman is unnecessarily harassing his tenants.

They Are Enemies But Both Choice is Modi

👉Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has created his own identity across the world, currently remains the first choice even for his enemies. According to media reports, the presidents of war-torn countries like Russia and Ukraine, bent on destroying each other, are eager to invite Modi to their country. 

Recently, while congratulating Putin on his fifth victory and in a telephonic discussion regarding bilateral relations with Ukraine, the Presidents of both the countries have invited Modi to visit their respective countries after the Indian elections.

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