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👉The obsession of making the reel viral on social media is making the youth do strange things. Girls are also not behind boys in this competition. 

All the railway passengers and the railway department were left stunned by what a young girl did while wanting to make a shocking reel in Mumbai's local train. 

According to media reports, a young woman wearing a provocative dress, while traveling in a local train, suddenly gets up from her seat and starts dancing in what is described as an erotic dance. 

Seeing this, the passengers in the compartment became uncomfortable. Later, the Railway Department came into action after receiving complaints from co-passengers on "X".

Demand Of Fortuner Car ruin the Fortune of Would- Be Couple

👉Many times, on the occasion of marriage, even small things turn into serious matters and create a big mess. A similar incident happened in Rewari, Haryana. 

According to media reports, the fortunes of both the bride and groom became dark due to the groom demanding a FORTUNER car as dowry during the wedding itself. 

During the wedding itself, a clash broke out between the two sides when the groom threatened to kill the bride within seven days if she did not get the car. 

Later, the Panchayat that sat to resolve the matter imposed a fine of Rs 65 on the groom's side. Efforts by the groom's side to pacify the bride by calling her a threat and saying something out of anger were also ineffective.

 Even Big leaders are eager to get down from the elephant

👉A national newspaper has published an interesting news regarding the stampede among BSP MPs regarding the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. It has been reported in the news that big leaders of BSP are desperate to get down from the elephant.

According to the information, a total of 10 BSP MPs won the 2019 elections. He started becoming disillusioned with the party before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Therefore, in the last year of their tenure, these MPs started contacting BJP, SP and Congress leaders. Kept sharing its photo also on social media.

 It is discussed that 4 MPs are in touch with BJP, 3 SP and 3 Congress. Of these, SP has finalized the ticket of BSP MP Afzal Ansari. On the other hand, MP Ritesh Pandey has joined BJP. Along with this, MP Danish Ali, who is suspended from the party, is preparing to contest from Congress. At the same time, Shyam Singh Yadav's closeness to SP-Congress has increased a lot.

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