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Mahavir Jayanti Celeberation-Separating the sins from every vein is called Festival

Separating the sins from every vein or immersing them is called a festival. These thoughts were expressed by Acharya Shri Viharsh Sagar Maharaj, sitting in Gaurabai Digambar Jain Temple located in Katra Salt Market.

Acharya Shri said in the morning assembly on Saturday that preparations are going on at various places for the birth welfare of Lord Mahavir Swami. 

From Mahavir Jayanti, move forward in the direction of the soul's salvation. He said that Bhagwan Chintamani Parshvanath had presented an example of forgiveness. Kshama Veerasya Bhushanam means forgiveness is the jewel of the brave. Efforts should be made to find the means for the soul.

On the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti, a non-violence vehicle rally is being organized by Jain Milan from Katra Salt Market on Sunday morning. After the city tour, it will return to Katra Salt Market, where auspicious discourses will be held by Acharya Shri.

Three ministers of Sagar district have mutual conflict -Jaivardhan Singh

In the general meeting held on Monday under the Hath-se-Hath Jodo campaign organized in Khurai, Jaivardhan Singh said that there is a lot of mutual conflict between the three ministers of Sagar district, due to which the development of Sagar is not happening. Congress workers are being harassed in Khurai and the voice of the general public is being suppressed. Taking a dig at the administration, he said that stop discriminating against the public and introduce good governance.

 He said that the government headed by Kamal Nath is going to be formed in Madhya Pradesh in 2023. Once the government is formed, the pace of development will be increased rapidly. He said that 500 cylinders will be made available to all the people, an amount of Rs 1500 will be given to all the sisters and the loan of the farmers of Madhya Pradesh will be waived off. 

Other local leaders of the Congress party also addressed the public meeting in the programme.

Mayor presented memento to journalist Sudesh Tiwari

 With the aim of promoting the sports talents of the city, the Mayor's Trophy Night Cricket Tournament began today. It is being organized at Sagar City Stadium. Today the opening match of the competition was played between Dream Boyes Club Vrindravan Ward and Bhuteshwar Cricket Club Santarvidas Ward. In which Vrindavan Boys Club won by 10 runs.

Anveshan's New Drama "Aari Bau Kabai Baj Hai Ramatula?"

Artists of Anveshan Theater Group, today and tomorrow at the local Rabindra Bhavan from seven in the evening, will perform Bundeli farce-style comedy-drama "Aari Bau Kabai Baj Hai Ramatula?"  

In this play, on the one hand, where the traditional marriages of Bundelkhand and the circumstances arising out of them have been cooked in a syrup of humour and sarcasm, on the other hand, some evils inherent in these traditions have also been pointed out.

It has also been told through many circumstances in the play that life is not just the name of happiness, but the definition of life is complete by mixing both happiness and sorrow and this is also the reality.

Traditional Bundeli wedding songs and other songs have also been given a place in the play. Bundeli songs have been adapted into the play by rendering them live from the stage. The play has been written and directed by Jagdish Sharma. The play has a cast of about twenty actors.

Mayor Cricket Trophy-Spectators will also be rewarded for taking catch outside boundry

The Mayor's Trophy 2023 Night Cricket Tournament will start on March 25 at the City Stadium in the light of floodlights in Sagar. The Chief Guest Urban Development and Housing Minister will inaugurate the competition at 6 pm.

According to the official press release, the winning team in the night cricket tournament will be given Rs 1.51 lakh-1.51 lakh separately in the men's and women's categories. While the runner-up teams will also be given Rs 1.01 lakh-1.01 lakh. In the player of the tournament, e-bikes will be given to men and e-scooters to women.

The Mayor Knight Trophy will be held from March 25 to April 16 at the Municipal Corporation's City Stadium. Fireworks will be the centre of attraction at the opening ceremony. 50 dancers will give their performance.

Along with the participation of women players in the Mayor's Trophy, a pink stage is being built at City Stadium to accommodate women spectators. Only women will sit in it.

In the competition, there will be prizes for catching catches outside the boundary by the spectators. A reward of Rs 300 will be given by the organizing committee for catching the catch with one hand by the spectators and Rs 100 for catching the catch with both hands.

BJP has captured all the constitutional institutions

Former minister of the Madhya Pradesh government and national spokesperson of Congress Mukesh Nayak has said that BJP has captured all the constitutional institutions. By running these institutions on its instructions, it is working on the policy of suppressing all the opposition parties. He said that if democracy is to be saved, collective consciousness has to be awakened.

The BJP has only administration, police and money left. BJP has lost public opinion. The BJP will not be able to come to power again in the upcoming assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh.

According to national spokesperson Mr Nayak, the Congress government will come to power in Madhya Pradesh under the leadership of Kamal Nath. The Congress is making people aware of the anti-people policies of the BJP government by creating a strong network up to the booth level.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is only making hollow announcements, he doesn't even remember which announcement he has made so many times.

Board examinations in the state have become a joke. During the 17 years of BJP rule, more than 17000 students and unemployed have committed suicide. Despite this, BJP is trying to mislead the youth by declaring youth policy, he said.

In the year 28 employment fairs were organized but the government is not able to give the figure of how many youths benefitted. In these fairs, employment with a salary of ₹ 1000 per month was also given to the youth, he added.

Message should'nt go that Kotwars non cooperating to farmers-Revenue Minister

 At present, farmers are troubled due to untimely rains and hailstorms in the state. Kotwar is aware of everything in the village, so the message should not go that they are non-cooperating with the farmers in times of distress. 

Revenue and Transport Minister Govind Singh Rajput said these things during the dharna being organized by the Madhya Pradesh Kotwar Sangh at the Central Library Ground.

Appealing to the Kotwars to end the picketing, Mr. Rajput said that every possible effort will be made to fulfil whatever legitimate demands they have.

He said that there are three types of arrangements for Kotwars in the state. Some have good land to earn their livelihood, some have less land and some have no land at all.

The Chief Minister has sensitive attitude and blessings regarding Kotwars. He will soon call a conference of the Kotwars on behalf of the government, where he will present their point of view to the Chief Minister regarding the various demands of the Kotwars.

From April First City Will Become Cattle Free-Collector

The district administration has asked all the dairy operators to take their cattle to the dairy displacement site by March 31 on the proposal of the council meeting of Municipal Corporation, Sagar.

He said that now from April 1, the Sagar Municipal Corporation area will be free of cattle. If any bovine is found in the area from April 1, strict action will be taken against the concerned dairy operator.

It is noteworthy that all necessary arrangements have been made in Ratona for dairy displacement in Sagar and plots have also been allotted to dairy operators as per their demand.

According to the collector, if any dairy operator does not go to the dairy displacement site by March 31, action will be taken against him under section 144.

He told that the dairy operators who have not got the plot allotted, should immediately go to the Municipal Corporation office and get the plot allotted and take their cattle to the displaced site.

He informed that for the convenience of dairy operators, a milk collection centre has also been set up by the Bundelkhand Dairy Association, which will collect their milk daily. Similarly, food arrangements have also been made for cattle.