The government has made it mandatory to register the marriage venue. In which all the places having a capacity of gathering more than 50 persons under the Municipal Corporation like hotels/plots/farms/community centres / Bhavan / clubs/banquet halls / Dharamshala etc. which are for marriage, engagement, procession house, birthday and other types of social Used for celebrations such as festivals/exhibition/convention / Garba festival / new year event etc.

It is necessary to register them. Any person, institution or company or their authorized representative who wants to register and use the place of marriage, can apply and register in the prescribed format.

Applications for registration of marriage garden can be obtained from the market branch of the Municipal Corporation.

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According to the marriage venue area for registration, minimum registration and consumer fees have been set category-wise, such as registration fees in the municipal limits of 500 to 1000 square meters in category-1 of the marriage venue (once at the time of registration) Rs. 4000 / - and consumer fee at the annual rate of Rs. 3000 / - has been fixed. Similarly, the registration fee in category-2 ranges from 1000 to 1500 sqm. 5000 / - and consumer fee Rs. 3500 / -, registration fee from Rs. 1501 to 2500 sqm in category-3. 7500 / - and consumer fee Rs. 7000 / -, registration fees from 2501 to 5000 sqm in category-4, from Rs. 10000 / - Consumer Fee Rs. 9000 / - and registration fee of more than 5000 Sqm in Category-5. 12500 / - and consumer fee Rs. 8000 / - has been fixed and against the concerned institutions for not registering Rs. A penalty amount of Rs.10000 / - has been fixed.

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According to Municipal Corporation Commissioner RP Ahirwar, it has been made necessary by the government to register the marriage venue from January 6, 2021, for which the rules and conditions and registration fees have also been determined by the area according to the area. The complete information of which is available in the market branch of the Municipal Corporation, where the registration operators and institutions should take the necessary information and register it so that there is no inconvenience regarding registration in future.

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