Urban Administration and former Transport Minister Bhupendra Singh said that there is a lot of scope for improvement in the department due to the frequent serious road accidents in the state. However, many things are responsible for the accident. These include fitness of buses, overloading, absence of trend drivers etc.

The monopoly on the route of bus owners also increases road accidents. Along with this, there is a shortage of staff in the Transport Department. Due to which the checking and other arrangements of the buses are not controlled. There is a need to increase public transport in the state. There are many inconsistencies regarding transportation. The government is working towards removing it.

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During an informal discussion with journalists on the issue of increasing road accidents and public transport in the state, Mr Singh said that there is no mechanism in Madhya Pradesh to check the fitness of passenger buses. There is no such centre where the entire fitness of the vehicles can be checked.

Only one inspector signs the sign. Apart from this, the routes on which small vehicles run. Many times there is a monopoly of bus owners. Takes ten permits and runs less than that. This causes overloading to increase. Which causes accidents. During our tenure, we had introduced a system for permits in which a phase of healthy competition started.

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He said on the causes of the accidents that there are many reasons for the accident, including the bad condition of the vehicles, overloading, fitness of drivers as well as the black spots of the roads.

He said that during his tenure, a rule was given to give permits up to 75 km to small 35 seater vehicles, these small overloads run very fast which causes an accident. There is a need to tighten the allocation of bus permits. In order to increase public transport in rural areas, we had given tax exemption in rural areas. The government's job is to make public transport effective.

He said that to stop crime in the state, it is necessary to tighten the system. Posting of officers in police stations should be done by looking at their field records. Lack of police force is also a big reason.

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