Tiger Reserve- Tiger's Death Make Forest Department on alert mode

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After the death of a tiger due to electrocution in the Kishangarh forest area in the last few days, the Panna Tiger Reserve management is now on alert. 

For the protection of wildlife, the forest staff of Kishangarh, Chandranagar, under the leadership of Kishangarh forest area officer Arvind Ken, along with the dog squad teams are patrolling and searching the forests.

On Saturday, the patrol team seized a large number of electric wires, nets, nooses, current wires etc. from near the fields in the Basudha, Sukwaha, and Bhorkhua areas. Along with this, the temporary huts and houses built on the forest land have also been destroyed. 

In view of the protection of wildlife, an appeal is also being made by the forest staff to help in the protection of wildlife by making people aware in rural areas.

There is an atmosphere of panic among the poachers due to the patrolling of hundreds of employees with the teams of Dog Squad. 

Significantly, the tiger died due to electrocution in the Vasudha forest area of the Kishangarh buffer zone, which plays an important role in the number of tigers, leopards and other wildlife in Panna Tiger Reserve. 

Cases of death of wildlife due to electrocution are continuously coming to the fore in the forest areas, in such a situation, the management is now working more vigorously for the protection of wildlife in the Kishangarh forest area.

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