Live Concert,Sonu Nigam, Dohela Festival

Dohela Festival-  Sonu Nigam's live concert make audience crazy

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The first pride day of Khurai Nagar was celebrated on the second day of the Dohela Festival. On this occasion, a live concert of the country's famous singer Sonu Nigam took place. Urban Development and Housing Minister Bhupendra Singh felicitated 20 such celebrities of the city on Gaurav Diwas, who made remarkable contributions in the cultural and social development of Khurai.

On Gaurav Divas, 8 roads of Khurai Nagar, sewer line project and approval of Rs 310 crore for other development works were also announced from the platform.

Minister Mr. Singh said that Khurai's pride day gives us an opportunity to express our gratitude towards the soil of our city and take a pledge of dedication towards our native land. It is the inspiration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the pride day of every town and village should be celebrated.

Among the 20 personalities from different fields who were honored by Minister Shri Bhupendra Singh on the occasion of Pride Day for their contribution in the construction of Khurai, Sitacharan Sharma, Sanjay Samaiya, Priyank Gurha, Pt. Anantram Richaria, Nathuram Yadav, Mrs. Kamla Nayak, Kulwant Singh, Vasudha Maheshwari, Govardhan Ahirwar Mathe, Advocate Dinesh Srivastava, Bidi Lakhera, Vijay Kumar Jain, Mahesh Prasad Sharma, Ku. Sakshi Prajapati, Shyamlal Sahu, Mahendra Singh Thakur, Mahesh Chandra Saxena, Laxmanshankar Valmiki, Raju Hora, Muskaan Kurmi, Mehak Nema are included.

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