MLA Shailendra Jain on Sunday, wearing a PPE kit, reached Covid ICU in view of the complaints continuously coming in Bundelkhand Medical College College. The MLA spoke to almost every patient admitted to the ward. In which most of the patients gave him a positive answer. 

MLA Jain took information from the doctors and told the patients that willpower has a huge contribution to our fight against the disease. They should fight this disease with a positive will. The administration, doctor and medical system are with you in full force. In this regard, he directed the doctors and administration to get counselling of patients and solve their doubts.

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On the question of sudden inspection of ICU, he said that there were constant complaints by the family that they were not getting any information about their families. They do not know what condition their patient is under and how they are being treated.

He said that if the communication between the patient and the doctor is shown to the family through the CCTV camera, then they will be very satisfied. He said that apart from this, efforts should also be made to make such arrangements that can be discussed with the family at least twice a day on the video call of the patient. They will discuss this with the Dean of the Medical College and the Divisional Commissioner.

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