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Presently, the Bundelkhand region is reeling through the worst ever conditions caused by Corona. During the last 24 hours,  more than two dozen patients, have reportedly died in Bundelkhand Medical College alone,. Most of these were admitted to Covid Hospital. It is alleged that freezers of Mortuary are defective. There are no other arrangements available to protect the dead bodies from rot. Due to chaos and non-cooperation, Dr Shailendra Patel, the in-charge Mortuary, who was involved in the management of dead bodies, has resigned from his post.

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According to sources, BMC has 4 freezers to store dead bodies in the Mortuary. But they have been closed for several months. They were repaired earlier, but repairs were not paid. Even a few days ago, the staffer came in to revamp the freezer but went back due to not being given a work order in writing by the HOD of the Department of Forensic Medicine. Arrears were also not paid.

Desperate due to the inaction of other members of the dead body management committee and not having the freezer repaired despite repeated complaints, he has resigned from the responsibility of the dead body management and morgue.

In the case, BMC Dean Doctor RS Verma says that a new freezer has been ordered. Old ones are also being repaired.

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