SagarWatch@ The entire work of the smart road from Tili square to Civil Line Square should be completed by 31 May. Apart from this, the land of large or medium drains identified under the project of stormwater and Drainage system project should be completely free from encroachment. Do not leave even an inch of encroachment on the drains. Remove the encroachments on the drains and beautify them to make a green corridor. These instructions were given by city MLA Shailendra Jain in a review meeting of the development works going on in the city under the Smart City Project.

Shri Jain took detailed information from the officials of the lake agency about the upcoming works such as desilting, sewer tapping, Mongabadhan construction as well as Wastewater treatment Plant and embankment Stone Pitching in detail and so far.

A review meeting of the progressive works of Banjara Lake Rejuvenation and Lakefront Development, Smart Road Corridor and Storm Water and Drainage System Projects was chaired by MLA Shailendra Jain. In the meeting, Corporation Commissioner RP Ahirwar and Smart City CEO Rahul Singh Rajput and other employees of Sagar Smart City officials were also present.

 Mr Ahirwar, Commissioner-cum-Executive Director, instructed the officials of Lakha Banjara Lake Company, Aswath Infratech, to present the necessary manpower on the site.

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Along with the current works, the ghat construction, park construction, Lakha Banjara idol and fountain etc. should be submitted to the office at the earliest with detailed information related to the engineering design, so that they can be expedited after review and investigation.

 Reviewing the smart road, said that the boundary walls under the smart road should be removed by making new boundary walls inside and increase the working speed.

During the review, CEO Shri Singh directed the officials of Aswath Infratech to immediately ensure the availability of Mongabadhan construction work, drainage taping pipe and other materials etc. Non-availability of material should not prevent any kind of work. We have to complete the lake project within the time limit. While reviewing the smart road, the concerned agency was also instructed to increase machines and manpower.

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