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SagarWatch@ In Sagar district, a case of illegal recovery by police in the name of checking vehicles at four-lane has come up. , a probationary sub-inspector posted in the Deori police station area of the district, was checking the sand-filled dumpers without any order.

According to Viral WhatsApp message, when alleged culprit SI asked for 50 thousand rupees from a dumper driver, he got upset and gave a call directly to SP Atul Singh and got him talking. The SP suspended him over the phone. It is said that the Investigator SI Vivek Sharma was demanding 50 thousand rupees from the villagers from the sand-loaded dumpers on Dongar Salaiya Road, 10 km from Deori. On the spot, truckers have complained to Sagar Superintendent of Police Atul Singh.

Some people also made video audio by chance. And discussed with SP. Angered by this act, the Superintendent of Police suspended him and instructed to vacate the place in 5 minutes. It also said that if he did not leave the place in 5 minutes, they would also get him arrested in 151.

In the viral audio, the Superintendent of Police asked on what basis he was investigating the trucks without any orders during the probation period. When SP questioned him, he could not give any answer to this matter. SI Vivek Sharma said that a truck filled with sand was going in front of him, on which he has acted.

On this kind of arbitrary action during the probation period, SP Singh has spoken about complaining this matter at the police headquarters as well as the action to get him sacked from the service. Superintendent of Police Atul Singh even said that you are a stigma in the name of the Police Department.

Sub Inspector Vivek Sharma was not giving any kind of information in the video made on the spot. A police constable was present throughout. He reached his private vehicle for checking. Three sand-loaded dumpers were stopped.

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