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Apparently, All the newspapers, on Friday, have published the news of the end of the strike of the doctors of the Bundelkhand Medical College. But none of the newspapers outlined why the government bowed down to the demands of the striking doctors without any resistant.

Lead News

In this case, Navbharata writes that the district administration has cancelled the orders of taking action against the doctors. At the same time, Dainik Aacharan has prominently quoted in the news to Medical Teachers Association President Sarvesh Jain that the striking doctors have warned to go on strike again if their third demand for suspension of the collector is not met. While the other Newspapers have published a statement describing the postponement of the strike by MTA president. Navdunia has mentioned the role of the local MLA as a mediator between the striking doctors and the Minister of Medical Education in ending the strike.

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The Patrika NewsPaper has put three reports related to the Bundelkhand Medical College on the fourth page, where the news of the striking doctors has given more space to the news of the strike ends when the government bowed down to the strikers and withdrew the order to take action against the three doctors. Apart from this, the Patrika, said that the contract of the state government has expired with the private lab of Gujarat, from which it used to test samples of Covid-19. Along with this, news of a decline in cases of Covid-19 infection has also got a place.

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Off-Track News

Dainik Aacharan, in out-of-the-box news, has led to the publication of information related to the establishment of proposed food processing units in various districts of the division under the Atmanirbhar India Scheme. It is reported in the news that there are plans to start processing units for turmeric in Chhatarpur, for amla in Panna, for tomato in Sagar and for ginger in Tikamgarh-Niwari. However, the newspaper has also given some message by referring to the unsuccessful attempts to set up tomato processing plants at Garakota in the district.

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One such news has appeared in the Navdunia newspaper, in which on the occasion of Deepawali, Government departments also are planning to bring out many alluring offers to the public like private companies. According to the news, the gifts given in the name of Diwali by the government departments will remain as an exemption in taxes or extending the period of bill submission.

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Atulya Bhaskar has published the news of cheating by a private company by giving farmers the alleged temptation to double the amount in the name of fisheries. Although no such victim has been named in the news with whom the said company has been cheated in reality, However, the newspaper has written in the news that the private company is cheating. At the same time, the fisheries department has also issued a statement warning the farmers that the government is not running any such scheme.

Navbharat has made the sad story of the beneficiaries of the BLC component under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana in its news item. It has been told in the news that while the beneficiaries included in the first list are waiting for the second and third instalment to complete the construction of their incomplete houses after getting the first instalment, while the final publication of the second list of the beneficiary is awaited for long. So that they too can get funds to build houses.

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