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 Based on the spiritual knowledge of the great philosopher Osho, a discourse on the topic "Happiness outside and peace inside" was organized by Sadguru Dr. Shailendra Saraswati and Mata Amrit Priya ji in Padmakar Auditorium. 

Food Civil Supplies Minister Govind Singh Rajput and special guest former MLA Sunil Jain attended the program. Anand Jain presented the outline of the program and threw light on Osho's life.

On this occasion, Minister Govind Singh said that Osho had so much knowledge that he was ready to talk to any philosopher in the world. That is why no one could muster the courage to argue with him. 

Minister Govind Singh said that Osho was an ideological revolutionary and he openly expressed his views against casteism, fanaticism, bigotry, and superstition. Due to this he also had to face opposition.

Sagar Watch News

After this, Swami Shailendra Saraswati and Maa Amrit Priya explained through their discourse on happiness and peace how we can make our lives happy by keeping some things in mind and making changes in our lives.

This was explained in detail and meditation consciousness practice was conducted in the program as well. In the end, many people influenced by Osho ideology accepted the Gurumala and became members of the Osho family.

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