SagarWatch@ When prayers are endless, medicines also show their effect as fast. This is what happened to BMC Assistant Professor Dr Satyendra Mishra with millions of prayers. For almost 12 days, Dr Mishra, admitted to Yashoda Hospital, Hyderabad, has gone out of ICU to go to respiratory (respiratory unit) and everything is fine. He will be discharged from May 6-7.

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Today, he told the doctors, Discharge me, then the doctors also replied that we have treated you according to you, Mishra, but the leave will be given according to us, Doctor Saab also said that it is okay which You understand the ventilator is out. Oxygen levels (without oxygen) are expected to be up to 95-97 in two-three days.

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Dr Satyendra Mishra said do not be afraid of the corona, keep your confidence strong, nothing will happen to you. Dr Mishra's brother Ashok Mishra said that everything is the effect of blessings, these prayers were so powerful that Dr Saheb is coming well and we are waiting for him to reach Sagar and all those doctors and trustees of Bhagyoday Tirth Hospital Waiting for Dr Saab to reach Sagar, he will be welcomed.

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