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The sweltering twilight, the sun rising over the head, the flaming flames rising from the creaking fire in the crematorium, here the sweat inside the PPE kit struggled to keep itself from falling into the dizzy spells…

Yet, forgetting the difference between the familiar and the unknown, the corpses of people who lost their lives from Corona, picking up with their hands, sometimes burning in a funeral pyre, sometimes burnt in cemeteries and sometimes buried in the coffin ... This has become their routine for the past one year.

In the last two months, everyone is saluting these corona warriors of the Municipal Corporation, who have shown the path of liberation to about 4 hundred people.

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In fact, in the Narayavali Naka Muktidham, Cemetery and Christian Cemetery, which comes under the Sagar Municipal Corporation, the last rites and ceremonies of the Corona dead are being performed according to their religious customs.

According to information received from BMC and the corporation, hundreds of corona positive and corona suspects have been cremated in the last two months. Till now, around two dozen funerals are being held.

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In a time when the relatives of a corona deceased are afraid to even touch the dead body of their loved one, do not pass, in such a time, these sweepers, like corona warriors, pick up the bodies from the post mortem house of the hospital and put them in the vehicle, And take to the cemetery and Muktidham.

Here in the scorching afternoon, the second group of warriors, wearing PPE kits, prepare pyre for the dead and perform their last rites with tradition. While standing in the distant shadows, family members pay their last respects amidst fear and sorrow.

Obviously, the work and dedication of these Corona warriors from the morgue to Muktidham cannot be denied. Who wouldn't want to encourage these real but unsung heroes?

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