Merriam-Webster on Monday 29,2020 announced “pandemic” as its 2020 word of the year. 

According to USA TODAY, The word started to trend up on as early as January and again in February when the first U.S. deaths and outbreaks on cruise ships occurred. However, it took on urgent specificity in March, when the coronavirus outbreak was designated a pandemic.

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Searches for "pandemic" on March 11 were 115,806% higher than look-ups experienced on the same date last year, Sokolowski said.

"Pandemic," with roots in Latin and Greek, is a combination of “pan,” for all, and “demos,” for people or population. The latter is the same root of “democracy. The word "pandemic" dates to the mid-1600s, used broadly for “universal” and more specifically to disease in a medical text in the 1660s.

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