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With Prime Minister Narendra Modi holding a review meeting with the Chief Ministers regarding the corona, once again there has been a flood of news related to the corona.

The city editions of newspapers were also ablaze with news related to corona infections as well as advertisements due to the Devuthani Gyaras festival. Many newspapers have published very few reports due to full-page advertisements. However, every newspaper about Corona has published its own way to make citizens aware of the prevention from Corona and the flaws in treatment.

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Dainik Bhaskar and Navdunia newspaper have published on its first page the news of the release of assistance from the state government for the treatment of Shubham Ojha, a doctor, who is suffering from Corona, of Sagar's Bundelkhand Medical College.

According to Navdunia, the amount for the treatment of a doctor suffering from corona by the state government is Rs 80 lakh, while Dainik Bhaskar has given this amount to one crore. It has been reported in the news that with this amount, the lungs of the doctor are to be changed, which have worsened by 90 percent due to corona merge.

Another news related to Covid-19 is on the first page of Dainik Bhaskar in which the Chief Minister expressed concern over the death rate of 7 per cent in the review meeting of treatment cases of corona patients at Bundelkhand Medical College.

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On the city page, the news of Covid-19 infection made the first headline, it has been told in the news that with the introduction of hundred new corona infected patients every day, Sagar has become the sixth most infected district of the state. According to the news, the number of corona patients in the district has crossed four thousand, while the death toll from corona has also reached near one hundred and fifty.

Dainik Aacharan has moved from Corona to the first place on its city page on politics related news. In the news titled "Glow comes in qualification from training-Keshav", it has been reported that Mandal level training camp started in Bharatiya Janata Party Are going to be In this connection, a divisional meeting was organized in the presence of the divisional organization minister of the party. However, this news Navduniya has also published with the title of the Organization Minister's statement.

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Evening Mirror newspaper made the news of the breaking of road dividers to benefit a private hospital in the city's suburbs. However, the name of that private hospital has not been revealed in the news. According to the news, the officer of the municipality has said to send a notice to the operators of the private hospital that damaged the divide.


Navdunia has printed the news related to road safety in a big way. In the news paper titled "There are accidents due to not having indicators and direction indicators", many places on Sagar-Jhansi Fourlane National Road have been identified as sensitive to accidents, but there are no indicators and direction indicators installed there. Road breaks have been made at many places by breaking the dividing wall. But the National Highways Authority of India has not yet done any work in this direction.

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