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In the newspapers, the news of Kovid-19 infection remains dominated, although the news of farming is also continuously coming out. 

Health workers were recruited in hospitals and health departments of the district for a part-time job to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic. According to the latest order issued by the state government, 50 per cent of these employees are being removed. Part-time employees sat on a dharna in front of the CMHO office to protest against the government's order.

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These employees are also demanding a merger as a contracts-Worker with the government. This news has been reported by almost all newspapers prominently but with a similar title. Navbharata and Dainik Aacharan have made this news its first headline. At the same time, Navdunia and Dainik Bhaskar have also featured this news prominently on the inside pages.

The news of All India Digambar Jain Golapoorva Mahasabha's online youth-introduction conference got a place in almost all newspapers. Navbharata and Dainik Aacharan took this news under the title "Young men and women introduced online". At the same time, Dainik Bhaskar raised this news under the title "Youth has laid the talk on the digital platform for life partner selection".

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Navdunia has made news highlighting the poor management of a good scheme of governments. In the news titled "How will the water system be in schools in 40 days", the newspaper has expressed concern that Jal Jeevan Mission is an important plan of the government. 60 days have passed since the scheme started on Gandhi Jayanti with a resolve to provide drinking water within 100 days in waterless schools and Anganwadi centres. In the remaining days, how will the drinking water sources in 302 identified schools and Anganwadi centres be operationalized in the district?

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Dainik Aacharan has reported on the fish market in Tili. Dainik Bhaskar also reported on this subject on October 19 with a similar title and perspective. In the news from the Dainik  Aacharan titled "Fish market could not be built due to wrong planning, now it will be built", the Municipal Corporation also maintains its earlier statement that Tili's building was for fish market and they are building meat market. . If the fishery department wants, the corporations will vacate the building of the fish market.

Navdunia is keeping an edge over other newspapers by constantly putting news on agriculture and farming. Today the newspaper has made two inspiring news on this subject. In one news, farmers have been taught to protect the crop of tur from frost, while the other news is about the business of farming.

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In the news related to the cultivation of pigeon pea, it has been told how Dhaniram Gupta, a farmer of Kewalari Kalan, sowed turf on the advice of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, two months before July. Due to which, his crop was ready to be ripened before the onset of cold and frost. In the news, scientist of Krishi Vigyan Kendra has described Dhaniram Gupta as the first farmer who took the help of the science centre before sowing and saved his crop from the risk of frost.

It is told in the news that the farming-profit business is profitable, the farmers of 'Kanera Gound' village are growing chilli. Hybrid seeded chilli crop ripens in 60 days. Whom is sent to the market after every second and third day. There is also a lot of demand for this chilli in the market. In the news, the village farmer Pritam has been quoted as saying that due to the cash crop, farmers are giving good profits.

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