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The effect of corona infection is now increasing in the headlines of newspapers too. Most newspaper headlines were coloured not by the Covid-19 virus, but by news related to it. Instructions issued after the District Disaster Management Group meeting on Monday regarding the growing spread of Corona, have been published by many newspapers making their first headlines in different style.

Referring to the famous song from the Hindi film, Dainik aacharan said in the title of its news that due to the ban on taking out the procession because of Corona ... Today is my friend's wedding like songs, neither will the echo be heard nor his People will be seen swaying to the tune.

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Dainik Bhaskar also described disaster management as heavy on marriage management. The main theme of the news has been the "public outcry" of the activities affected by the decision of the Disaster Management Group, as well as the changes in the organizing of wedding ceremonies.

Navdunia and Sagar Dinkar also used this news  from the flat headings "More than 200 people will not be able to attend wedding ceremonies".

But where Sagar Dinkar has published the news of the Bhoomipujan program of road and bridges organized in Shamshabad area, the local MP has made the first headlines by making a statement describing the smooth roads to be the blood vessel of development.

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At the same time, Navdunia has made headlines on the news published on the subject of pensioner's ignorance of life proof online facility.It has been reported in the news that due to being unaware of the facility to authenticate their survivability online, the elderly people from far-flung rural areas run to the falling, gasping provident fund offices.

Navbharat also made the first headline news related to the corona, but this news was not based on the instructions of the Disaster Management Group, but on the district administration's failure to implement the protective measures adopted earlier to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection. is. In the news, the district administration's negligence has been termed as dangerous as the restrictions on the movement of those found to be infected are not being carried out as before and the samples of those in contact are not tested.

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Dainik Aacharan published the news of the electricity department exposing a case of electricity theft in a house of a renowned restaurant and teacher of a central university in the city in the cantonment area, with the title "Amul restaurant was being operated with stolen electricity, electricity theft found at home of university teacher".

Navdunia has published news about the Sagar-Damoh road filled with pits. It has been told in the news that even on this bad road of MP Road Development Corporation, passengers are being charged toll. However, in the news, the Assistant zonal Manager of the corporation has admitted that the 50 km long stretch of road is in a bad state.

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In the second episode of the earlier news about the commencement of normal functioning in the district courts from November 23, Dainik Aacharan said today that as soon as the work started in the courts, there was a rush of parties but the attendance of lawyers was less. Those who arrived at the court were given entry only after scrutiny from a thermal screener due to the threat of infection of Covid-19.

Today, two news stories appeared in the link of continuous news in Dainik Bhaskar about the effect of corona infection on the life of the people. In the news related to  "Aanwla Navami" festival, only 30 percent of the Devotees came out of the houses, while in the other news only 30 percent of the passenger buses were running on the roads, which raised the issue of charging arbitrary fare from the passengers.

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