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The Municipal Corporation is making efforts to recover the outstanding taxes. An outstanding debtor has handed over a check of Rs 1 crore to the corporation. 

The Gaindaji Trust of the city has paid a large part of the taxes outstanding on it. The corporation family has expressed happiness over this and said that it will help in continuing the development work of the city.

Officers Activism : is a Real Or Reel Stuff

At present, the only positive thing for the corporation is that once again the reins of the department have been handed over to an officer who believes in visiting different areas continuously. 

In terms of the activism of the Municipal Commissioners, after the former Municipal Commissioner RP Ahirwar, the trend of conducting field inspection on one's own will seems to be starting again with the arrival of the new Municipal Commissioner Rajkumar khatri. 

Whereas the number of people who consider the period in between as a period of glorious inactivity will not be less in the city.

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Field Inspection : Guided or Misguided ?

During the field inspection of the Municipal Commissioner, a group of officers and employees of the Corporation are walking together. Now it remains to be seen how much Saheb is able to realize the ground reality by breaking through the magic of the charming behavior of these charismatic representatives of the corporation.

Water Hyacinth Removal Campaign

As far as removing water hyacinth from the pond is concerned. Seeing the speed and effectiveness of the campaign that has been going on for a long time, the city residents have started feeling that the water in the pond will dry up but the work of removing hyacinth will not be completed. According to the officials, there is neither shortage of money nor machinery to carry out this work. If anything is lacking then it is passion.

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Dairy Displacement

Same is the situation with the displacement of animals from the city. In showing its active role in dairy displacement, the corporation has issued more press releases than the number of animals it would have displaced.

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