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Commissioner Food Safety and Controller Dr. Sudam Khade said that a state-wide campaign is being run to prevent adulteration. In the campaign, a joint team of departments like Food Safety Department, Food Civil Supplies, Weights and Measures, Police, Revenue, Milk Union etc. has been formed at the district level and asked to carry out regular inspection and action. 

Identifying Sensitive Areas

In the campaign, effective action will be taken by identifying sensitive areas and preparing regular investigations and surveillance plans. Commissioner Dr Khade has appealed to the general public to be cautious about adulteration. 

Complaing  About Food Adulteration

He said that consumers can complain about adulteration through toll free number 1800112100 and C.M. You can call helpline number 181.

Commissioner Dr. Khade said that through the mobile food testing laboratory, Magic Box, school and college students will be given training to check adulteration in food items.

Health Club For Students

Health club of students will be formed in every school for food safety awareness. The mid-day meal food items of Anganwadi centres, schools will be checked through magic boxes, mobile food laboratories.

Campaign To Verify Documents

Under the campaign, action will be taken to check license registration, confiscate and seal establishments involved in the manufacturing of adulterated food items.

Mobile Food Testing Laboratory

Maximum testing of milk, milk product samples, edible oil and spices will be done through mobile food testing laboratory and public awareness programs will be conducted in all areas, especially rural areas.

Millet Fair

Millet fair will be organized with the aim of promoting and promoting the use of millet based food.

Eat Right Activities

Apart from urban areas, Eat-Right activities and public awareness campaigns will also be organized in rural areas in coordination with various departments.

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