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Best-Form-Print-Media-COVID-19-On-The Ground-Hospital-in-thePapers



Nowadays, the trend of making headlines only in the press releases and small incidents or incidents of crime is also increasing. There are very few newspapers who, considering the importance of their first headlines, are seen every day trying to get out of the box on topics or investigative news.

Today's first headlines of Dainik aacharan were devoted to crime. The news was made big by adding more than one incident of theft, assault, suicide, accident.

Navdunia has also published the news of computer theft from the government office as its first headline with two photographs.

Sagar Dinkar made his first headlines for the Diwali meeting ceremony of the workers of Banda, Rahli and Deori in the presence of Damoh MP at the religious site Ranagir.

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But Dainik Bhaskar has made the news of public health and administrative negligence highlighting the city's first headline. The news published with the title "Kagazi Covid Hospital ..." states that nine months ago the district hospital was declared as Covid Hospital but not a single patient has been admitted for treatment there yet. While the "intensive medical care unit" of the hospital has been prepared 5 months in advance. It has been told in the news that the treatment of patients has started or is going to be done in similar Covid hospitals prepared in other districts of the division, but there is no possibility of this in Sagar hospital.

According to the news, when the reporters tried to ask the concerned officials and public representatives to know their side in the case of delay in Covid Hospital, while the officers played a game of responsibility on each other, the minister  seen demonstrating their sensitivity by saying that "...will see to it".

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The Dainik aacharan has brought news highlighting the discrepancy associated with "cows care" by referring to the Gopashtami festival on its  page. According to the news, on one side in the city where cow-worship is being done for cow-promotion on the day of Gopashtami, the incidents of cow slaughter are increasing in some parts of the city.

In the news, citing the names of areas notorious for cow slaughter in the city, it is feared that if the administration does not stop the incidents of cow slaughter in time, then it can also become a cause of conflict between the conflicting parties.

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Dainik Bhaskar has reported in the series of news related to the counselling for admission to various courses at Dr. Harisingh Gaur Central University that the first round of counseling has started.

According to the news, counseling is being conducted in three phases based on the results of the entrance examination conducted for 50 courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The first two phases will be online and the third phase will be conducted offline.

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The Dainik aacharan has published a sequel to the previously published news about the slow construction work of the city's ITI institute. It has been reported in the news that the construction work for the main building of the mega ITI with the loan from the Asian Development Bank, started in September 2018, has not been completed even after the September 2020 deadline has passed.

Navduniya has published a full page of news highlighting the importance of masks and people's negligence to wear them in case of protection from Covid. It has been reported in the news that up to 80 percent of the passengers traveling in buses are not seen wearing masks. In the news, traders and shopkeepers of the city have also been warned of action if they do not apply masks. Also, to show the importance of wearing masks and maintaining a distance of two yards, the writings of city dwellers have also been printed.

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