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Dear Sagarians be cautious. If you are planning to buy radium cutters for any purpose, then your difficulties may increase. 

Even after being alerted , if you have made up your mind to buy radium Cutter, then you should also be ready to face everything that will happen to you after the purchase of radium cutter.

First of all, the seller will ask for your name, address, mobile number and also ask for a copy of Aadhaar card, so do not get surprised.

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It will not end here, it will fade away. After registering all your information in the register, he will also inform the concerned police station that such a great man has taken the radium cutter.

After this, you can also meet the Dabang officer of your area. Maybe you can be called to the police station for verification or some of their soldiers come to your house.

This may also give you a close look at the investigation done by the police. Now see if the investigator is from police department , then the style of enquiry will also remain alike a policeman does. Even though you will keep saying that no one does such questions and answers.

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However, the Collector has taken this decision very carefully. It is no less serious that the Corona epidemic has not just been a blast since the beginning of the ongoing Twenty-Twenty year. These radium cutter holders are also not far behind. They are also carrying out shocking incidents. They have executed more than 90 cutter incidents in the first nine months of the year.

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It is possible to rein in them. Considering the seriousness of the condition, Collector also did not wait for Monday. On Sunday, he issued a restrictive order prohibiting the purchase and sale of radium cutters.

This order will remain in force from September 21 to the next order. So Big-Bro give up the radium cutters, work with something less dangerous.If idea is not coming to your mind, seek advice from Google Mahaaraaj. But don't go buying radium cutters.

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