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A woman was allegedly beaten up and dragged by some police personnel on a road for not wearing a mask while going out to buy vegetables amid the COVID-19 pandemic in Madhya Pradesh's Sagar district.

After a video of the incident, which took place on Monday in Rahli town, went viral, a police official said the woman allegedly hit a female cop first.

The woman and her daughter were stopped by police around 11 am on Monday for not wearing masks.

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The police tried to take them away in a jeep to an open jail as punishment, but the duo resisted and allegedly hit a policewoman.

In the video, some police personnel, including a female cop, were seen beating up the woman, pushing her down and dragging her by her hair.

They were trying to shift her in the police jeep while she was resisting it and in the process, they thrashed her.

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However, Rahli's sub-divisional officer of police Kamal Singh said the "video showed only half of the incident".

"The woman hit a female cop first and the latter had bruises on her face of an injury caused by nails," he said.

Seeing the fact that the District Superintendent of Police has suspended the Assistant Sub-Inspector and the constable involved in the incident. It has been said in the order that due to their action, the unilateral and negative image of the entire police department has been displayed.

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