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The news of the administration's campaign against sand traffickers, adulterants, handing over important roles to women in rural development, and the call for farmers' Bharat bandh against the new agricultural laws remain the major news headlines of today's newspapers.

In connection with the nationwide campaign of Bharat Bandh by farmers in protest against the new agricultural laws, Dainik Bhaskar, while linking the bandh of Sagar city with the Congress party, came up with an interesting headline "Congress bandaasan".

It was told in the news that the call for the bandh was originally from the farmers, but the farmers neither took to the streets nor reached the mandi with food grains. Only the Congress party was outspoken in the bandh. But the impact of the bandh was more in Makaronia suburb and less in the city. All other newspapers have also featured this news prominently. Navdunia also printed the news of the bandh with the title "Dinbhar Khulin Rahin Dunkane, Beasar Raha Band, ineffective  ". At the same time, in Sagar Dinkar, this news was seen by the Aam Aadmi Party under the title of Bharat Bandh Support.

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The Dainik aacharan has made the first headlines of the action plan of the District Panchayat Department to revitalize the economy by pivoting women in the development of rural areas under the title "Prayas". In the news quoting the District Panchayat Chief Executive Officer, it has been written that for the purpose of promoting water conservation works, half of the amount received from the 15 Finance Commission will be levied on these works. Navbharat has featured this news prominently titled Women will become the axis of rural economy.

Navbharat, making the first headlines for the administration's crackdown on the mineral mafia against illegal traffickers of sand, has written that the mineral department has formed separate parties to crack down on illegal mining and sand traders. However, the news of the action of the Department of Minerals on vehicles transporting sand without royalty has been prominently published by all newspapers.

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Dainik Jagran has made the news of bad arrangements of agricultural produce market its first headline. It has been reported in the news that the incidents of theft of food grains in Mandi are not stopping. It is written in the news that security arrangements here have been demolished due to the plight of the Mandi administration.

Evening Mirror has highlighted the news of the administration's callousness in taking strict action against traders selling adulterated foods openly in the market. The newspaper says that the administration's action against adulterants ends after one or two actions.

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Dainik Bhaskar has written in the third episode of the earlier news on the hunting of herons in the Lakha Banjara lake of the city. The Forest Department's investigative team has seen hunters, not herons. The newspaper has also written on the campaign against adulteration that the administration team reached three more places of adulteration under investigation.

Dainik Bhaskar and Dainik aacharan have prominently highlighted the news of action taken by the Electricity Department in Chakraghat and bheetar Baazaar in a series of news of the campaign against electricity thieves. It has been reported in the news that the department has recovered about Rs 5 lakh from these cases of power theft.

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Dainik aacharan  and Navbharata has featured prominently on the news, based on the statement that Yogacharya Vishnu Arya, the founder of the Yoga Niketan Yoga Training Institute, described regular yoga practice as effective in preventing corona.

Sagar Dinkar has told in his news that the exams of the tenth and twelfth under the state open are starting from 14 December. The daily Atulya Bhaskar has written that the National Lok Adalat of the MP Real Estate Regulatory Commission (RERA) is being held on 12 December. Evening Mirror has written that a phase of National Pulse Polio will be run in all districts of the state from 17 to 19 January 2021.

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Dainik Jagran has written that the sleep of the traffic police is now starting to break down with the loud sound of firecrackers blasting motorcycles running on the main roads of the city. The newspaper has cautioned the motorbike rider of the sound of cracker style. The traffic police, apart from accepting this voice as an uproar, is considered harmful to health. Police nabbing such Bikers.

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