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#MediaWatch-Post Covid-19 Recovery Effects


Today's Headlines :

In today's headlines, there was news of Ravana Effigy Burning on Dussehra and Jawara Darshan at the end of Navratri, symbolizing the victory of good over evil. But the news related to Covid-19 infection is still getting a lot of place in newspapers.

Dainik Navdunia has been taking out a separate dedicated page for Covid-19 and health-related news for a long time. Today, the newspaper has prominently featured news focused on those who have recovered from the infection of Covid-19. According to the news, even after recovering from Covid-19, most people are facing complaints of hair loss, eyesight weakening, memory loss and fatigue. Medical experts have been quoted in the news as saying that one of the reasons for these problems is the stress due to corona.

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Another news related to Covid-19 reports that due to the decrease in the number of patients infected with corona, one ward in place of four wards of treatment of "severe acute respiratory infection" of Bundelkhand Medical College has been transformed into.

The newspaper has published the news of ravenous arrival in the Registrar Office in connection with Covid-19 itself. It has been reported in the news that due to the Covid-19 infection and lockdown, the market has been experiencing a downturn in the past seven months. Nearly 100 registrations took place for the purchase and sale of property in the Registrar Office.

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The Dainik Aacharan has also published news related to Covid-19 infection titled "Rules against which some private hospitals are doing corona antigen Test". In this connection, the newspaper has published the statement of the Regional Director of Health Department. He said that private hospitals are not allowed to examine Covid-19. But if such a complaint comes, the department will take action.

Dainik Bhaskar has also published news related to the Surkhi by-election regarding Covid-19 infection. It has been reported in the news that a large number of sanitizers, soaps, masks and handcuffs have been arranged by the administration to protect Covid-19 in the by-election.

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Off-Beat News 

According to the news related to the agricultural farming published in the Daily Aacharan, about half the crops of urad and soybean have been destroyed due to late rains. The district administration has sought compensation of more than one and a half billion rupees from the state government to compensate for the damaged crop.

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