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Apart from Covid-19, Surkhi by-election, the number of reports related to the electricity department action against the defaulters and the action of the Food Security Department who woke up at the time of festivals are also seen increases in the newspapers.

The Dainik Navdunia has prominently featured highly sensational news related to Covid-19. It has been reported in the news that private hospitals located in the outlying areas of the city are secretly testing the Covid-19 infection, as well as hiding information from the government about the patients, found infected. The patients staying in homes that are secretly treating Corona can have dangerous consequences for the spread of infection in society.

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According to the official statement of the health department published in the news, the government has not allowed any private hospitals or pathology in the district to test Covid-19. The department says that action will be taken on receipt of the complaint.

Sagar Watch - Beyond the news, the Health Department has not yet activated any such system that can monitor the functioning of private hospitals. Nor do they seem to have any such intention. They will be activated only when complaints come. If the complaints do not come, then they will keep on believing that everything is going well.

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Dainik Sagar Dinkar has published big news regarding the electricity department has adopted a strict attitude against the defaulters of the electricity bill. During Navratri, more than a hundred electricity connections are being cut every day by the electricity company.

There is bound to be darkness in these areas due to the outstanding amount of bills on electricity connections given to Rajiv Awas Yojana and Chhatrasal Nagar in the name of Municipal Corporation Commissioner.

The Dainik Aacharan has prominently featured this news. Dainik Navduniya has also published this news under the title "Bill Bharo - Otherwise, on 26, they will cut the connection".

At the same time, in connection with the Surkhi by-election, the Congress leader was quoted in the election meeting held on Thursday in Berkheri with the heading of the news of repeating the tradition of betrayal on the family. The Dainik Aacharan has also put the news of the election meeting under the title "Three worms of Surkhi, Govind, Gulab and Heera".

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Almost all the newspapers have also prominently displayed the allegations targeted by the Congress leaders in the meeting targeting the BJP leader Scindia. In the news of Dainik Aacharan, the statement of the Congress leader - who is a traitor, can never be loyal, without trusting you, he cannot be your Sardar. Dainik Navdunia has also published this news by capturing the statement of Congress leader Ajay Singh titled "Maharaja's blood only as a traitor, Surkhi Maharaj has the same effect".

The Dainik Aacharan has published about half a page of news about the Food Security Department, which has often faced allegations of waking up from sleep during festivals. It has been reported in the news that in the action of the department, the fine was taken against about a dozen traders who sell, without the license of the Bureau of Indian Standards,  drinking water and snacks, products made from milk and foods like sweets.

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Evening Mirror newspaper has published news about the misuse of Sulabh Toilet as a cement warehouse in Khurai Tehsil of the district. Also, as special news on Navratri, in the fort courtyard of Malthoun area, the tradition of Navratri associated with the idol of Kali made of the same stone is told.

Off-beat news

Dainik Bhaskar has published special news about the deteriorating climate of the city. In the news titled "Pollution increased three times as compared to September", the Pollution Control Board has been quoted saying that the pollution level may increase further during the winter season.

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